Top 10 Text Editors


The Top Ten

1 Notepad++

You can edit in many different programming languages such as C++, Javascript, HTML and just about any other modern programming language! You can also edit regular text documents - jacob_064

2 Netbeans
3 Sublime Text

Why is it not at the top, it's lightning fast and it has loads of great packages. I use it and it is great.

4 Eclipse
5 Komodo Edit
6 Textmate
7 Emacs

Lightning fast to use once you get the hang of it, and getting the hang of it isn't even difficult with its mostly intuitive keybindings.

But it's much more than a text editor. It can do nearly anything, and does those things well.

8 Vim
9 Visual Studio

Visual Studio kicks eclipse's ass

10 Notepad

The Contenders

11 MS-DOS Editor
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