Top 10 Thanksgiving Cartoon Episodes

With Thanksgiving a week away and The Loud House premiering their first Thanksgiving Day Special its time to look back at some of the best Thanksgiving Day cartoon episodes and specials as long as the episode takes place around the Thanksgiving season its allowed on the list.

The Top Ten

A History Channel Thanksgiving - South Park
An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal - Bob's Burgers
Arnold's Thanksgiving - Hey Arnold

Both Arnold and Helga are unable to deal with their crazy family on Thanksgiving with Helga'a forcing her to come up with something to be thankful and of course Helga has nothing to be thankful for especially how she's constantly ignored by her parents and overshadowed by Olga and Arnold tired of everyone going along with grandma's Fourth of July cerebration instead of having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, they end up at Mr. Simmons house where he's having Thanksgiving dinner but after seeing how dysfunctional Simmons family really is both Arnold and Helga realize how more sane their families are as Mr. Simmons explains that even though his family aren't perfect but he still loves them and makes it his project to get them together and try to make them all thankful for the things they have as he expresses he's thankful for what he has, both Arnold and Helga return home and surprisingly Helga's parents are actually worried about her as she tells them all what she's thankful while ...more - egnomac

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - Peanuts A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - Peanuts Product Image

One of the oldest Thanksgiving animated specials and a lot like a lot of the Charlie Brown classics it hasn't aged well but still worth watching around the Thanksgiving season, Peppermint Patty invites herself and several others to Charlie Brown's place for Thanksgiving dinner the only problem Charlie and his family are going to his grandmother's house for Thanksgiving dinner and won't be home, since he's unable to tell Patty that he won't be home after talking to Linus he decides to hold a Thanksgiving dinner at home before he has to leave, they have the dinner at home but instead of Turkey, pumpkin pie, and stuffing Snoopy severs pop corn, butter toast, pretzel sticks, jelly beans and ice cream sundaes which infuriates Peppermint Patty who is outraged and berates Charlie Brown for not having a real Thanksgiving dinner and becomes incredibly ungrateful especially since she invited herself and her friends, Marcie eventually tells Patty that she she's in the wrong and to apologize to ...more - egnomac

The Loudest Thanksgiving - The Loud House
The Turkey Who Came to Dinner - Rugrats

The families all gather for Thanksgiving with all of them more focused on what they want with the dads setting up a sea of T.V.'s to watch every football possible, Angelica tries to have a Thanksgiving parade, and after grandpa Lou fails to buy the turkey like he was suppose to he wins a turkey and has it delivered so he didn't buy one and the moms all rush to the grocery to try and buy a turkey which is easier said then done, moments later the turkey arrives but its an actual living turkey and the babies befriend it but it ends up causing trouble and knocks over the satellites for the T.V. as all the grownups blame the turkey for ruining everything and as they try to eat it the babies comes to its defense as Dee Dee tells them that the turkey didn't ruin their Thanksgiving but they did with their selfishness instead of focusing on what Thanksgiving is really about. - egnomac

Thanksgiving - Family Guy

Everyone gathers at the Griffin's household for Thanksgiving and more surprising Joe and Bonnie's son Kevin who was presumed to have died during the war in Iraq but its later revealed that he actually deserted his duties because of the horrible experience of the war and how he believed it shouldn't have started in the first place Joe of course tries to arrest him for breaking the law when Kevin recalls the time that he broke the law when he failed to arrest a man who stole food to feed his starving family and the two reconcile. - egnomac

A Brown Thanksgiving - The Cleveland Show

Cleveland's parents show up for Thanksgiving including his douche bag father Le Var Freight Train who constantly treats him like dirt as well as Donna's aunt Auntie Momma who looks eerily like Madea who Freight Train takes a huge liking to ignoring Cleveland's mother in the process but Cleveland finds out that Auntie Momma is actually a man who dons the drag because Donna's parents weren't always around and that he wanted to give her a strong female role model and Uncle Kevin became Auntie Momma and is happy to know that Donna is in good hands with him, later after she leaves and after telling Freight Train that she was actually a man and as expected he is horrified by it all by vomiting all over the place then tells him to make things right with his mom. - egnomac

Bart vs Thanksgiving - The Simpsons
The Great Can Drive - Recess

The school holds a can food drive but Mikey is the only one form Miss Grotke's class who is participating as the others refuse to take part as the Ashley's always win every year though Mikey doesn't care about actually winning but in helping out the people eventually everyone joins him so they can finally beat the Ashley's once and for all come the final day of the food drive everyone has collected the same amount of cans until the judge offers one last can as the two groups fight over it while Mikey suggests they stop with the competition and put their cans together and help feed more people but of course they ignore this and eventually during the struggle they end up knocking over all the cans destroying them in the process which infuriates Mikey who yells at them that due to their selfishness now nobody is going to have a great Thanksgiving feeling bad for the disaster they caused they decide to finally work together and collect more cans. - egnomac

The Contenders

The Thanksgiving Special - Regular Show
Happy Hank's Giving - King of the Hill

The Hills attempt to catch a flight to Montana to spend Thanksgiving with Peggy's mother and family but things go horribly wrong as a rainstorm strands them at the airport Hank reaches his breaking point after finally getting on the plane only for stupid airport security to blow up his turkey thinking it was a bomb even worst their plan gets cancelled again and giving up their seats on a bus to the other airport the Hills along with their friends and neighbors who also were unable to make their flight have their own thanksgiving dinner with whatever they had left. - egnomac

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