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1 Steven Hyde

Cutest. Thing. Ever. His smile is so cute I swear

Absolutely #1

I love his personality, style, relationship with Jackie and mostly is perfect smile. I'm so sad that he got so old now and it broke my heat when he and Jackie didn't end up together. and I forgot that I love he's hair. he is so sarcastic, fun, cool,badass and don't forget stuff like "that's cool" or "whatever"

He is hot!
enough said

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2 Red Forman

I think I don't vote Red, he will kick my ass.

How is red not number 1?

Says dumbass for 8 years every episode and it's still funny.

Bruh red the goat fr - mixtapeweezy

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3 Fez

How is fez not 1 behind Hyde? - CannabisCat420

Simply the best

Forever my favorite

the cutest

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4 Michael Kelso

Kelso's immature and clumsy attitude made him an awesome part of the sitcom. His relationship with Jackie was hysterical being that all he wanted to do was have sex. His failed relationship with Jackie helped him become a loving father in the end.

According to Kelso, he was looking for Red's saw so that he could cut down a tree because a Rabbit was stuck there after Eric threw it up into the tree and Kelso wanted to cut it down so the rabbit could go back to the wild and lay it's eggs. Now that's gold. - rishal21

That kid is a dumbass! One of the top 3 characters, along with Leo and Red.

He is so stupid it will make you laugh every time you watch him.

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5 Eric Forman Eric Forman Eric Albert Forman is a fictional character in Fox Network's That '70s Show, portrayed by Topher Grace. Eric is based on the adolescence of show creator Mark Brazill.

His comedic timing was just perfect

Comic timing is the best, his stoic humor is hilarious

Eric is the funniest character on the show! Roleplaying:
RED (as Eric): I'm just a skinny, smart-mouthed kid who always has something to say about everything!
ERIC (as Red): I wish I was an octopus, so I could put 8 different feet in 8 different asses HAHAHAHA!
Red (as Eric): Star wars, star wars, star wars!
ERIC (as Red in funny voice): Dead commies, dead commies, dead COMMIES!
Definitely. Along with Donna one of the most underrated characters on the show!

Eric you're awesome man but did you ever think what would happen if Eric and Jackie hooked up?...

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6 Leo Chingkwake

Leo was awesome with the funny one liners he had.

Seriously underrated character, hilarious dude, and my favorite character on the show.

Leo knew how to crack me up. The sad part was that Leo never played a pivotal role in the show. The closest that comes to mind was when he developed an interest for Kitty but that was it!

Leo was a typical stoner and hippie. He was a properly funny character - Danielsun182

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7 Jackie Burkhart

She is funny smart and pretty. She is the only one inn which they actually showed any proper character development to. In my opinion, she is the best by far!

She took down a karate teacher, her friend's sister and her other friend. JACKIE IS BADASS

She is really an underrated character, even if her character is supposed to be annoying, I laughed a lot when she was on screen and I hate that Kelso and Jackie split up, they were the funniest and cutest coupple ever.

She was the only one who developed as a character. All people see her as annoying girl who came to the gang almost uninvited but she was allways there for her friends.

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8 Kitty Forman

the best!

As the only character who can scare red she is awesome, her menopause phase was sheer briiance

Kitty is the cutest! So funny and sweet. Would love her as my mom

Kitty just tries to be nice all the time and she is so funny too. She's the only one who can scare Red.

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9 Donna Pinciotti

Donna should be higher on this list. She was not only in love with Eric, she was the one who made the most sense in the entire group. Her feminist views separated her from the other ladies like jackie, kitty, midge, and even laurie.

I have to say, I think Donna should be higher on the list. She's a main character and did have her moments

She's the best female character in the show! I LOVE her! - Hakros323

She's So Awesome

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10 Bob Pinciotti

I don't like Bobs hair. That's all I have to say.

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11 Laurie Forman

I thought Laurie was kinda funny. She had her moments. I mean, she was a skank, acted like she was 8 all the time like always getting Eric into trouble, and I hate that some girls call their fathers "daddy." What's wrong with just "dad? "

Laurie is hilarious - Organ

12 Midge Pinciotti

Holy crap I hate that woman. She is the stereotype dumb blonde and I'm blonde so she makes me FUORIOS!

Midge is hot

13 Pastor Dave

Why would anyone vote Pastor Dave as the # 1 character

I feel kinda bad for pastor Dave. He was only trying to be cool.

No NOT vote for him

14 Brooke
15 Roy Keene

"So I'm on the golden gate bridge, and everyone's telling me to jump. I was just out for a jog."

16 Dikzak
17 Randy Pearson

Randy should be top 5:(

I never got to know who Randy was. I skipped the 8th season after I learned that Kelso was leaving. FOR GOOD.

He's not going to be #1, he only appeared for season 8

He was really cute and funny.

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18 Annette

Ainette was the girl Michael met down in florida. I thought she was.pretty funny.

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