The Lazarus Effect Movie Review

So we all know horror films. There has been some great ones like The Babadook or my personal favourite, A Nightmare On Elm Street. But these recent years horror films have been really going downhill, with a few exceptions. So does The Lazarus Effect becomes those exceptions or will it be in the pit of bad horror movies?

The Film stars Olivia Wilde,Mark Duplass and their crew as they are developing on a project on how to revive the dead and are haunted by a dramatic past event and we have our movie. I won't say anything else, as I will leave for you to find out, if you decide to watch this film.
Now as bad as most horror films has been, for example Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Or Ouija, it is definitely not the worst horror film, but is does fall under the category of the forgettable horror films, but with every point here needs to be an explanation. But this movie did have some positives.

First Of all the acting/performances were done really well, in this age where most horror films where we need slutty chicks who can't act in a horror film, it's nice to see a horror film that has some great performances. The chemistry between Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass was great and the rest of the crew were good at their job. Another thumbs up I can give to this movie is that some imagery was a bit unsettling. For example when I mentioned the dramatic past event, when it is shown it is a bit creepy and it is filmed well and the colour pallet in the scenes I told you about was a really good choice.

Now for the negatives.
First of all this film is not that scary, sure I said about a scene, but that is just one. There is still typical jump scares where I barely jumped since it's so predictable. The film was just really weak in scares because it's just recycled, for example there is this dog which jump scare has been used twice in almost the same scene. Also which ties into the next problem is that this movie is really boring. Not just because I am waiting for scares to happen, but because it is predictable, generic and just bland, in the recent The Babadook, there is no scares happening in the start of the film, but I was glued to the screen and see this psychological aspect of the story unfold itself, which made it really interesting, but here it is just bland, it's like having a poster of the colours with no colours (I know this is a terrible analogy, I will think of better ones). The drama is very little as the suspense fades away quickly. Also the film feels way too long and its around 1 hour and 20 minutes. Since none of the characters are intersting, the climax of this movie has no suspense and the film wants us to feel a certain way and we can't feel the way and that is also in the climax. Also it is just really forgettable and just fly away from our heads.

So that's The Lazarus Effect, the film has great performances and imagery, but really drags itself as it is boring and there is no tensions and short on scares, there is honestly not that much to talk about in this film, it not memorable and I can't see any reason to recommend this, just watch The Babadook or good horror films, my final rating is a:


There are many worse horror films and many better ones out there.
So that is The Lazarus Effect, if you have seen it what did you think about it, comment below and also could you please vote on this and spread the word please, thank you.

I will see you next time.