The Exorcist


What an amazing film. I can't believe how much this outstanding masterpiece affected so many people who watched it when it first came out. I love this movie to bits. This film right here isn't only my favorite horror movie, but also my favorite movie of all time. You don't know horror until you've watched this movie or at least read the book it's based off of. And if you don't like it because it's not scary, remember, a horror can become outdated. And this movie is a bit outdated, but at least give it appreciation. (You faithless slime! ) - MontyPython

The Exorcist remains in a league all by itself, without doubt the most profoundly disturbing film ever made.
For those of us that believe in God (90+% of the American people), the reality of spiritual good & evil is a given. Those employing the laughing "it doesn't bother me at all" reaction are either lying, utilizing a defense mechanism, or simply don't believe in the existence of anything beyond our physical world. I'm here to tell you that the vast majority of people who see this film (yesterday or 40 years ago) will be emotionally affected at the very least. The production values were very high and have held up well. Acting, writing, directing, cinematography & soundtrack are all stellar. It's a story well told. It's certainly a different animal than all the blood & guts slasher films. While the vast majority of "horror" films merely shock & repulse (nothing wrong with that if you enjoy them) The Exorcist tends to deeply disturb and truly frighten the psyche.

I can't believe that any other movies have gotten votes, must be that either they have not watched this movie or they watched a stupid spinoff, this is the scariest movie ever.

Only a few movies that scared me so that I won't watch it again and the Exorcist leads this list. The other movies are Psycho and House Of Wax with Vincent Price. I seen the Exorcist when it first came out and my knees were literally shaking and you get a real cold feeling if you are able to last the movie.

Well one of the scariest movie I ever seen... Seriously fantastic work and great innovation... And it will remain as a milestone in horror genre

The girl who plays the exorcist is absolutely fantastic. Just the way that she slams herself against the bed and talks seems so realistic. The acting seemed accurate and the directing was fantastic. Most directors would forget to tie her to the bed or add cheesy effects, but William Friedkin is spot on.

Where can I begin with this masterpiece? The lighting is perfect, the makeup is fantastic, the story is mind blowing, the acting is amazing, and it's perfectly terrifying! What more could you ask for a horror film? All I can say really is, THE POWER IF CHRIST COMPELS YOU! - MontyPython

It's actually "probably" the only real scary I've ever saw, the rest have great screen writing and directing, but this one has it all specially the horror in it, other (scary) movies might be -regardless of other elements- are : evil dead 1 just the first one, dead silence, and a couple others maybe

Would never get made today because it would offend too many people and that's so sad. Unmatched in acting, direction, and convincingly unsettling unlike most horror films which tend to be unintentional comedies.

One of the best horror movie that I have seen ever... I have saw a number of horror movies.. May be I am those number of people who have seen to much horror movies ever.. I have also seen "the shining" and "rosemarry baby" and I have no find any horror scene in the whole movie...

The only movie on this list that scared me. And to think that this kind of thing can REALLY happen in the real world. After all it is based off of a real life exorcism...if I remember correctly

One of the very few movies that ever got me scared. I have watched countless horror movies from as far back as Frankenstein 1931 to The Conjuring 2013. Not many got me scared, but this one did.

This is the only movie I really got scared, and it did not have to put 20000000 buckets of blood on the screen to do that, this movie was really scary and horror doesn't get any better

Good movie. I can tell that the cast put really hard work making this. It freaks the out, I always skip when the exorcist is happening.

To me, watching this movie for the first time last year (2016) and being 14 years old, this movie wasn't particularly scary. I can appreciate this movie for its disturbing nature and scare-factor for being a 70's movie.

The best horror movie ever it is very very scary must watch to experience the most scariest move ever in your life time awesome movie just love it

I remember that many years ago people went to see this movie and the movie was so scary that all the people left the cinema after watching the movie for only 15 minutes!

I like it so much but this movie is very scary and dangerous movie in the world I was shocked

One of the greatest horror movies ever made... And one that will always scare you for the first time no matter what generation is watching.

To be honest I did not like THE EXORCIST. It was not scary, it had not murders, no jump scares and not so much blood. I would put it top 4 or 10

The exorcist trully is the ultimate horror movie, you can't go wrong with it, watch director's cut edition it's grreat

Just those little subliminal demon face flashes, alone, gave me nightmares after watching this for the first time. - BKAllmighty

The ever Dangerous movie to watch especially at the night.

Please do not watch it alone

The best horror film ever made bar none. A must see for all the horror movie buffs. This film will go down in history as probably one of the most disturbing and criticzed films because of its content. If you are religious you may not want to watch this. A CLASSIC

My mother said I would have nightmares after watching the exorcism scene. Well, it took twenty-seven years for that to happen.