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201 Annabella

It is really splendid film for those who love fear and being startiling

A great event in the history of Hollywood horror's...,...
The horrific movie ever I have seen!

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202 Arundhati Ek Anokhi Kahani

Best acting by the villain as a villain

What is this movie? I can't even find it. I guessing this web us made by Indian guy or girl because most of top thing always have something from India. F U c K you Indian guy

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203 Poltergeist (2015) V 1 Comment
204 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World


So scary I can´┐Ż't watch it alone! It scares the living hell out of me! 10/10 most horrofying movie out there!

205 Death Note
206 Fear Files

FEAR FILES it wasn't horrible but more of horror stories and scary bloody murder and its just to scary watch it

207 The Boy

I watched this film last night and enjoyed it. There was one or two jump frights and had a good twist at the end. I'd recomend it.

208 Fright Night (1985)
209 Halloween (2007)
210 Piranha
211 It (1990)
212 Hush

This movie is so underrated - Hater

213 Copycat
214 Mirage (1990)
215 Saw VI

Probably the best of the franchise. - lukestheman4

216 The Gallows
217 Exorcist II: The Heretic
218 Jack Frost V 1 Comment
219 Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
220 The Grudge 3

I think this was the scariest of all the Grudge's! This is the only horror movie that actually gave me nightmares! - misskikii

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