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301 Get Out

Crackers died thus it was good

302 Session 9
303 The Haunting (1963)

Fear beigins

304 [Rec] 2

couldn't wait to see it after 1 and know what it didn't disappoint - pankaj1993

305 Let's Scare Jessica to Death
306 John Carpenter's Ghosts Of Mars
307 The Doll (Korean)

You seriously won't find dolls any cute after seein' this one!

308 Apollo 18

This is a 'found footage' movie that explains why humans have never gone back to the Moon. (None of its true)

309 The Child's Eye
310 Creepshow

Stephen King and George Romero really pulled it off.

311 Husk
312 Idle Hands

You can watch with your family. It's not that scary. It's more like a comedy movie! I love Jessica Alba and Devon Sawa! Their acting was amazing in this movie!

313 V/H/S
314 Highland Tower
315 Theatre of Blood
316 Shadow

Great movie hey Federico Zampaglione make a sequel to Shadow have the characters return and reprise their roles and add new characters.

317 Hollywood Kills
318 Stag Night V 1 Comment
319 Thale
320 Severance

Comedy, Horror and Action what's not to like?

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