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361 Saint Ange

If you have a lot of free time, watch this. This isn't the best one, but I think this is enough good to be on this list. That's why I'm putting it. - Fan_of_Good_Music

362 Witch Board
363 The Ring Two

Whe can I find this dvd, because I was looking for this movie / dvd

364 The Village
365 Species
366 Ghost Ship
367 Mirrors 2
368 Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings
369 Strange Circus
370 Audition

Why does Audition score so low? This is a great horror movie.

371 Brain Damage
372 Re-Animator
373 From Dusk Till Dawn
374 Ravenous
375 The Frighteners
376 Army of Darkness
377 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
378 Ouija

Too bad that the wonderful Shelley Hennig didn't have a bigger part in this movie.

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379 The Quiet Ones
380 Smiley
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