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Pennywise becomes an ultimate horror icon in this amazing masterpiece! The children are amazing characters that you really come to care for them. The atmosphere, the music and the ambiance, mixed with the setting of the 80s is awesomely terrifying. The best part about this movie is that even when Pennywise wasn't on screen, you would still be interested. The rest of the town is nearly as creepy as Pennywise. Even the bully in this movie is given some character so he is not this one-dimensional, "Nyeh! I'm a bully! I like to beat kids up because I'm mean! " No. He is demented and psychotic. I honestly felt sorry for him for a second. Then we got the rest of the town. Also, Beverly's father is pretty much a pedophile rapist which just makes him too creepy to watch. This movie deserves a spot in the top tens. It doesn't have to be number one but somewhere in the tens. - Daviddv0601

Brilliant movie. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and scream in a span of 2 hours and 15 minutes. The members of the Losers' Club are great and you'll immediately care for each and every one of them, Pennywise is incredibly terrifying, the music is a great combination of scary and beautiful, and the best of all is that you actually feel like you want the main characters to win. Overall, one of the best, if not the best horror movie ever made. - DenBoro

Literally the scariest movie, It's so much better then the original even if your not scared of clowns. Now I am scared of clowns now, From seeing this movie and if its not first over all then this whole top ten thing is jacked

No questions asked, Greatest horror movie ever

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