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101 Candyman Candyman

Tony Todd played the roll of Candyman brilliantly. The soundtrack was also great.

I love this film. However, it's very contemptable that Trevor is seeing a student behind Helen's back. And isn't she kind of young for him anyway? Well, Helen does get her revenge at the end when Trevor says her name 5 times in the bathroom mirror.

Creepy and awesome, gave me a few creepy thoughts...

Man siriously why is it not in the NUMBER 1

102 The Changeling The Changeling

A truly classic haunting story, genuinely scary. Should be much, much higher on the list!

103 Tamara Tamara

I Watched this Movie and I COULD NOT SLEEP FOR At least 5 days

This movie was so good! It was kinda sad what they did to her, I think the kids got what was comin for them. I just she did not die! Well fall of a building, best movie yet!

104 30 Days of Night 30 Days of Night
105 The Bride of Frankenstein The Bride of Frankenstein

Arguably better than the 1931 original. The Bride of Frankenstein humanizes the monster making him more sympathetic to the audience. Whale brings in a sense of style, humor, and religious iconography. Let's not forget that in Mary Shelley's classic novel, the creature reads Milton's Paradise Lost. My favorite line is at the end when the monster points to Dr. Praetorius and says, "You stay, we belong dead."

A classic. The film that moved the horror fantasy film into the 20th century. Stupendous performances by Karloff and Elsa Lanchester and the most memorable Ernest Thesiger as Dr Pretorious. Fantastic!

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106 Abby Abby
107 We Are What We Are We Are What We Are
108 The Conjuring 2

Superb Horror movie...Last 20 minutes of movie scenes are too horrible.

Awesome direction and sound effects. No need to tell about it's horror effects. Name speaks itself

One man died while watching this movie

One of the best horror movie ever

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109 Cabin Fever Cabin Fever
110 Wolf Creek Wolf Creek

Suspenseful in an almost-too realistic way...

111 The Haunting in Connecticut The Haunting in Connecticut

Scary as hell. Have to watch film!

112 Megan Is Missing Megan Is Missing
113 Bram Stoker's Dracula Bram Stoker's Dracula V 2 Comments
114 Saw VII: The Final Chapter Saw VII: The Final Chapter V 3 Comments
115 It Follows It Follows
116 Halloween II (2009) Halloween II (2009)
117 The Serpent and the Rainbow The Serpent and the Rainbow

Voo Doo, zombies and a guys balls getting nailed to a chair. Now thats scary, not to mention this is a true story. - lapana

118 Shocker Shocker

The scariest part to me was when he went into the little girl you wouldn't want to mess with her

119 I Spit On Your Grave I Spit On Your Grave V 1 Comment
120 Saw VI Saw VI

Probably the best of the franchise. - lukestheman4

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