Best Horror Movies of All Time

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121 Saw VII: The Final Chapter V 3 Comments
122 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)
123 The Serpent and the Rainbow

Voo Doo, zombies and a guys balls getting nailed to a chair. Now thats scary, not to mention this is a true story. - lapana

124 Saw III

The best. Jigsaw can still kill in very bad medical condition laugh out loud

Best movie ever made me in the entire world!

125 Cannibal (2006)
126 Gargoyles
127 Tales from the Crypt Tales from the Crypt
128 Final Destination

It had like 1jump scare but not scary at all by far

love it

129 I Spit On Your Grave V 1 Comment
130 Pontypool
131 Shocker

The scariest part to me was when he went into the little girl you wouldn't want to mess with her

132 Cannibal Holocaust

Not exactly good, but extremely gory, and banned in 40 countries.

Top ten horror of all times - dubbelvla

133 Predator

Pretty scary for me. It made my sister get scared and she run out of the house running like a little kid.

V 3 Comments
134 Friday the 13th (2009)

In my opinion this movie should be in the top tens. Because it was talking about the top ten best scary movies not the top ten scariest scary movies, so even though this movie doesn't have a jumpscare around every corner, it is more physiological fear of not knowing where Jason could be.

135 Signs
136 Paranormal Activity 3

This one is scarier than all the others. Cause it has more scary hypothesis. Paranormal activity 1 is not what I thought it was going to be its lamer than the exorcist and nightmare on elm street. Paranormal activity 3 is the best out of all of the others.

137 Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer V 1 Comment
138 The Masque of the Red Death (1964)
139 Psycho (1998)
140 Black Death
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