This movie was VERY... UM you COULD SAY TORTURE, GORE, UNTHINKABLE DISGUSTING IDEAS... If you don't like gore and creeps... Don't watch this! But if you like it... Take a shot! You never know whats gonna happen. :)

Yes thats true the fact that it can really happen does make it scary, hopefully some watching will change their ways if they are taking life aswell as people for granted & some are as we speak!

A group of friends and I spent a Saturday watching every single Saw movie in a row. First one got me hooked and I couldn't stop till I had seen them all.

Horror films are notorious for disappointing audiences with lackluster endings. This one, however, gave the genre one of its best ever. - BKAllmighty

great horror films also saw 2 3 4 and 5 are good aswel so vote for this film cuz it should really be number one - chlo123321

It should be No1. This is the most ingenious horror movie. The ending was so unpredictable, it gave me the chills! - funkymonkey

I love saw series. Saw-7 is awesome... This series should not end. What a movie. Thanks a lot to director of SAW.

I just wanna say that I super duper, extremely agree that this is the best movie ever made.

Saw is, to me, the ultimate thriller movie of them all because eash movie in the series has a different plot and in every movie the story takes a new turn! It's hard to tell the outcome of the story and in the first movie you couldn't even imagine who the real culprit is until you see the very end of the movie!
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Really super movie and very twisted and every one should watch this...

World's best movie ever. I like it very much and I wish it will be continued forever...

This series sucks ass. It's just a bunch of torture and gore. It's the same sort of thing in each movie. It's not even scary, it's funny, so the purpose is defeated.

Best movie ever period who doesn't love gore
Anyone who likes horror needs to watch this movie amazing

Saw.. the gore and the awesome story line love it :P - Ak3nator

The best plotline with blood and gore added fantastic franchise of films

Genius twist, amazing movie. My favorite horror movie, brilliant plot

It's scarier than all the movies in the world. - kevinzhang02

Not exactly that scary, but the plot twists are amazing! A MASTERPIECE!

The first 2 movies rocked! The others sucked

Saw (2004) was really good. I feel that people don't appreciate this movie - VenomxShocker

Horror Mystery
The best combination. - kkkppp

not really scary more gory if anything

it can happen and that makes it scary - AcoupleOFmeanMOTORscooters

The most amazing horror movie storyline ever!

Had such a great twist I mean Holly crap I was so shocked