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21 Typical Situation
22 What Would You Say

That is defiantly top five! Come on guys

Amazing song. Should be WAY higher...

By far my favorite song by DMB, just amazing to listen to, should be in top ten if not top five.

23 Digging a Ditch
24 Sister

Simply a beautiful track.

25 The Idea of You

Such a relatable song. Great instrumentals. Great writing. Dave's mini guitar extraordinary

26 Why I Am

Just pure noise... And that's why I love it.

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27 One Sweet World

Best DMB song in my opinion. Sums up what the band is all about, just enjoying life and all it's mystery. Not taking our world for granted.

28 Raven
29 You and Me

Amazing song! This song really deserves a spot in the top ten.

This song is my favorite I don't know about you all

One of the must beautiful song I have ever heard.

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30 Stay or Leave

Beautiful song about loving someone and then they leave. I get tears in my eyes every time I hear this song. Thinking back about the good, good love and the times we had and then one leaves the relationship. This song captures that so well.

Beyond moving, emotional, and totally relatable.

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31 Say Goodbye

This with #41 are the best. say goodbye sums up many a "relationship" when I was in college which when this came out. Just perfect

This song has an amazing intro. I am not a drummer, but I am so impressed with the drumming toward the end of this intro. I also love the song.

This is the most complicated, underplayed song in his amazing list of soul bearing tune... how is it not in the top five?

Ever wanted to be more than friends, but just for an evening? This is your new anthem.

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32 Loving Wings V 1 Comment
33 JTR

Can't believe no one included this

34 Grace Is Gone

Why is it this low? One of their best in my opinion.

Yep Top ten song by DMB, and Lillywhite Sessions is the best album.

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35 So Much to Say

Such a jam.

36 If I Had It All
37 You Might Die Trying
38 American Baby

Ahhh American baby brings back so many childhood memories! Whether it be spending the night with my father and him blasting this great tune in his car. Those moments and this song will stay with me forever.

Ending of this song is Rad!

39 Dreamgirl

It's only slightly disappointing that this song doesn't place at least a little higher on the 'Dave countdown'. And just a bit more disappointing that American Baby is just ahead in the numbers. This song is beautiful. Especially live... but only as much when the intro is done its justice. This list is completely subjective, at any point in time my number one might place somewhere in the 30s... another day I'm a typical Dave Matthews fan and put Ants Marching or 41... or usually, The Stone... right at the top. The beautiful thing about their music is how fantastic ALL of the catalog is. Is there such a thing as a 'bad' DMB song? Sure... there's honestly one or two in my opinion. This jam band makes music about as good as anyone ever has.

40 Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd

For me, hands down one of the band's most beautiful songs.

One of the most underrated DMB songs in my opinion. the lryics and vibes from this song are on another level.

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