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61 Everybody Wake Up
62 Hunger for the Great Light

Superb as always. Dave Matthews voice and writing abilities are unbelievabl amazing!

63 Rapunzel

This song should be much higher. It paints such a wonderful, lusty picture with the lyrics and delivers with the music!

How can people not mention Rapunzal?! It's the most brilliantt song by them! The lilting music and the classical tone coupled with the most amazing romantic lyrics! It should definitely be a part of the top ten!

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64 Mercy V 2 Comments
65 I'll Back You Up

The first song Dave ever wrote - best love song ever written.

66 Too Much

Another song I think should be higher. It's a great concert song. Dave's statement on American greed with a great funky sound!

67 Anyone Seen the Bridge?
68 Work It Out
69 The Song that Jane Likes
70 Squirm
71 Grux
72 Cigarette Lit
73 My Baby Blue
74 Minarets

Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned - classic DMB. Top 20 for sure.

75 Everyday

I cried when saw that this wasn't on the list

76 Lying In the Hands of God
77 Belly Belly Nice

Paunchy lyrics, feel good sounds, really just a great jam.

78 Dive In
79 Dodo

This is a light song with deep thoughts. My son always thought it was a sad song because he worried about the last dodo bird.

80 Baby

I can just see Dave singing this lullaby like song to his kids before they go to sleep.

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