The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

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21 White after labor day

I thought it was acceptable now.

22 Cowboy hats in places that don't call for them.

Sorry guys, this is not a hoedown... or Texas Roadhouse. - chunkymonkey2330

23 Camel Toe

Please do not, I repeat DO NOT wear too tight pants that make you have a camel toe! It is the most disgusting thing to see out in public! And check before you actually buy pants or jeans!

24 Fedora
25 Printed T-shirts With Sleeves Cut Off
26 Wearing no belt when tucking shirt into pants with belt loops

One should always wear a belt with Pants or Jeans if you are tucking your shirt in (if belt loops are available). This act of "tucking your shirt in but wearing no belt where there are loops" is referred to as the fashion "Cardinal Sin". It is a very popular faux paux in the South.

It looks so weird without a belt.

27 Bling

It makes you look tacky! Not to mention the shine makes me go blind for at least 6 hours at a time!

That is totes cool

28 Shoulder Pads

Isn't the whole point of a women's outfit to make here look her best and most FEMININE?!? Exactly where do the Incredible Hulks shoulders fit into this equation?

Possibly the ugliest and most ridiculous 80's fashion icon.

29 Socks and sandals

This should NEVER EVER HAPPEN! What an oxymoron. The shoes were made so feet could be out in the open air in warm weather! What sense does it make to wear socks with them? It should be so obvious...

What about slides with like Nike socks!? Other than that it should never happen! So I kinda agree.

Germans are the worst and a lot a American white visitors to my country (uk), normally spotted in wiltshire... Gawping at Salisbury cathedral and announcing "aw mar gord "

30 Mesh shirts

What ghastly pieces of 'clothing'. Thankfully I hardly ever see people wearing them. Seriously cringing!

Men, no one wants to see your nipples.

31 Older Than Middle-Aged Men That Are Dressed Like a Metrosexual 20 Year Old

Silly queen who needs to grow up.

32 Skirts and skater shoes

Look, you don't have to wear heels, but for heaven's sake show a least an iota of class.

33 Goth Clothing/makeup

You are not Dracula, and it is not cool, it wasn't ten years ago, and it isn't now.

34 Uber low-cut tops
35 Track Suits On Fat People

Don't dress for the gym if you haven't even SEEN a gym in years

ON ANYONE. Only in the gym please!

Depends on what type of fat people. But so true. - redhawk766

36 Tie Dye

I will be sick

I will only like tie dye on Desigual clothes. At least there, it's somehow reasonable. Normally, tie dye is way too blinding. - redhawk766

37 Spandex leggings with feet elastic

You all know what I'm talking about... In case that spandex started riding up the nifty feeties would keep it down. It was a fashion nightmare that should never, ever be re-lived

38 Permed, crunchy hair.

If you aren't an 80 year old woman, you shouldn't be getting a perm anymore.

39 Knee Highs

Do not wear knee highs with a split in the back of your dress.

40 Very high heels and mini skirt or dress

Actually, just seeing a woman in six inch heels hurts my feet. - redhawk766

Unprofessional especially if they cross their legs and you see underwear.

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