The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas

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41 Very high heels and mini skirt or dress

Unprofessional especially if they cross their legs and you see underwear.

Actually, just seeing a woman in six inch heels hurts my feet. - redhawk766

42 Tan and White

White and Tan don't go together. If you want to where a white shirt, wear a contrasting color pant or if you want to wear tan pants, wear a colorful shirt, not white.

Tan and white is great. You just have to know what shade.

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43 Navy with black business attire
44 Trailing Toilet Paper

Please everyone, when you build a fort around the toilet seat make sure you don't tuck the toilet paper into your clothes and then trail it behind you. It's most embarrassing for those who have to tell you!

45 Pants that are too short.
46 Bra's that are too tight or too small.

If I can see a bulge out of the top of your bar through your shirt, its time for a bigger bra. Also women are always wearing their bras too tight. It's creating unnecessary rolls! - chunkymonkey2330

47 White socks with black shoes
48 Pattern shirt over pattern pants or skirt

It makes me go temporarily blind.

It is so ugly! It either makes you look fat or it makes you look insane.

49 Bikini In Store

I went to WAlmart and saw a girl with only a bikini on. Girls are not modest anymore. - godbless01

50 White boots with an all black dress.
51 Head to toe in Barbie pink
52 Jeans tucked into boots
53 Activewear
54 A big necklace with big earings
55 Ghetto Red Dyed Hair
56 Double Denim

Denim shirt/coat with denim jeans

That was actually my style - redhawk766

57 Mom jeans
58 Mixed Metals

Don't have silver earrings and a gold necklace or silver metal in one place with gold as your shoes. Just don't!

59 Pitch black hair on senior citizens.

Actually makes your wrinkles stand out.

60 Knee high boots in the summer
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