The Most Beautiful Songs of the Rock and Roll Era

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221 Wind of Change - The Scorpions

Very beautiful song that kinda makes the world not seem so bad.

222 More Than Words - Extreme
223 3 Libras - A Perfect Circle
224 Orestes - A Perfect Circle
225 Brena - A Perfect Circle
226 Fiddle and the Drum - A Perfect Circle
227 Coma White - Marilyn Manson
228 The Last Day On Earth - Marilyn Manson
229 And I Love Her - The Beatles
230 Eternity Road - Moody Blues
231 Dreamboat Annie - Heart
232 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
233 Hurt - Nine Inch Nails
234 The Day the World Went Away - Nine Inch Nails
235 The Wicked End - Avenged Sevenfold

Amazing song with so many great qualities: metal guitar and bass riffs, soaring orchestral bridge, and passionate vocals. Most importantly, band unity and cohesion due to the drummer "The Rev," RIP.

236 And You and I - Yes

Both beautiful and powerfully transcendent! Brilliant use by Steve Howe of the pedal steel guitar lift the melody. I think they've played this at almost every full concert.

A very long, progressive song and for that reason nearly never played on the radio, but is a beautiful, poetic classic of love

237 Everlong - Foo Fighters

This is by far the most touching and beautiful song I've ever heard. I'm less rock and more "emo" but this song is my fave by far. Sometimes I cry when I listen to it because it speaks to me so much.

This song has some chilling lyrics, and the beginning riff is one of the most beautiful things to go into my ear.

238 More Than This - Roxy Music
239 Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
240 Master Exploder - Tenacious D
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