The Most Disappointing Movies of All Time

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341 I, Robot
342 Mr. And Mrs. Smith
343 Ice Age: The Meltdown V 1 Comment
344 Scream 4

Not that bad. Strangely enough it's not Neve Campbell but Emma Roberts who steals the show in this movie.

345 The Man with the Iron Fists

It"s actually not that bad. If you have to compare it with a Hong Kong movie ( the real thing ), it's not that good.

346 Army of Darkness

Does not continue the quality of the previous two movies.

347 Resident Evil

This is actually the best of the Resident Evil movies. They should have stopped after this one.

348 Saw III
349 The Final Destination
350 The Grey
351 [REC] 3 Genesis
352 Leprechaun
353 Eat Pray Love
354 Mortal Kombat
355 Hide & Seek
356 Devil
357 Planet of the Apes (2001)

Doesn't come even close to the original.

Watch The Reboot Franchise From 2011-Present Instead

358 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
359 Once Upon a Time In Mexico
360 Forrest Gump

Decent flick but no way should it have won best picture against the likes of Pulp Fiction or The Shawshank Redemption. Tom Hanks given his 2nd consecutive oscar is a joke considering that all he did was act slow. Gary Sinise stole the film.

WHAT THE? This is one of the best Movies I have ever seen! Take it off the list!

Yea I agree it shouldn't have beat shawshank and pulp fiction

Worst movie ever so boring all he says "momma used to say " just like waterboy it gets so annoying!

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