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121 Trolls

This movie is just the most disoponting dream works movie ever the first time I wached it I thout it was ug wired but I did not coose my aunt did but the second time I was thinking its dumb ugg so bad. it is so bad its worse than home or even the buddies movies.if you like pop music wach it but still relly bad.

122 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


123 Chronicles of Riddick

For all I know, this movie has the best ending sequence ever. I just haven't been able to watch it long enough to find out.

124 Silent Hill
125 The Mexican
126 Ghostbusters 2
127 Avatar

I can't believe this is on the list. This film is actually one of the best and most memorable of the 21st century. Please this must be off the list along with I Am Legend

It was actually pretty good. - PeeledBanana

Trash if you like this movie chances are you have a mental illness

It should be number 1!

V 2 Comments
128 The Day After Tomorrow V 1 Comment
129 The Hunger Games

I liked both the movie and the book, although the movie isn't quite as good as the book.

V 1 Comment
130 Jack and Jill

It's Adam Sandler, So We Immediately Knew It Would Be Bad, But Not This Awful

I cringed so much during this movie - 906389

131 The Lion King

I want to strangle whoever put this on the list - Username123

Disappointing? The trailer was literally the whole first scene and it was awesome. It was actually surprising for Disney because they thought their next big hit was gonna be Pochohantas! - PeeledBanana

We all know who added this!

This movie sucks because of it's characters. How it portrayed animals is not right.

Don't strangle me just because I have a different opinion. I want the world to understand that this is a bad film, not a good one.

132 Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters

The first one was bad. The second one even worse. They completely messed up the plot, the prophecy, in summary; they messed up the whole thing. Get this to number one. You know I'm right.

Correct. This was just turning a great book series into a marketing tool by greedy people who didn't want to do a loyal adaptation of the book series. - SailorSedna

My least favorite movie ever. Especially if you've read the books. They ruined Tyson and took out almost everything good about the book! - Username123

I never saw this film but read about it and I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it, it was even worse. It was basically a hodgepodge combination of all five books with no respect for the source material that spoiled future plot points, ruined the prophecy and brought out the villain too early...were they seriously trying to make this film series more "cooler"? If so, they failed. The characters still were bland, the concepts still butchered and they even were inaccurate to one Greek myth! Even though they tried to open the door for a sequel at the end, thank Saori Kido/Athena it was cancelled!

Damn, they did such a piss poor job adapting the books if I only saw the films and never read the books, not only would I be wondering how they got so popular, I'd think they were as bad as the Twilight or even Fifty Shades of Gray series! - SailorSedna

133 The 5th Wave

I hate this movie a lot. Worst part she takes her phone when there's no power. Worst movie in 2016

The most dissapointing movie. And it's so lame, even my parents fell asleep, I didn't even watch it but I know this was lame.

134 Norbit V 1 Comment
135 Smurfs: The Lost Village
136 Zootopia

SJW Movie With So Many Unfunny Jokes

137 ATL

Movie sucked BIG TIME....Some rappers need to stick to rapping

138 The Count of Monte Cristo

Hey this movie was actually pretty good but the story probably better.

greatest story ever told...weak movie.

139 Death Proof

Arguably Tarantino's weakest movie.

140 Waterworld

It was filmed in secret. In a secret location. With an unlimited budget by Costner who brought us "Dances with Wolves. " And what did we get? Villians on jet skies.

It was like waiting the summer for the Beatles and showing up for a Ringo Starr concert.

Just aweful.

People really don't understand how big a flop this movie was. Mostly because it was so bad every body forgot about it. - Ace15

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