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21 The Beach

This song is so deep and emotional and you can hear his raw emotion and the slow pace and just everything about this song is amazing it's probably my #1 favorite

This song is literally the best The Neighbourhood song! So emotional and catchy!

How could you not like

How ridiculous that this is all the way here.. its such a slow sweet and catchy... its one of my all time favorites and definitely one of their best

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22 Prey V 4 Comments
23 Cry Baby

The song that got me addicted to this band

Such an awesome beat

My favorite song by them and my favorite song in general, why is this at 23? "i know I'll fall in love with you baby, yea that's just what I'll do" uggghhh great song & so catchy

THIS IS THE SONG THAT I GOT ADDICTED TOO. I loved this song still!

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24 Greetings from Califournia
25 How

This is my favourite song by them
"How can gods existence when you question God himself? Why would you ask for gods assistance when you would take advice? "
I'm not sure if the lyrics are right in that last part but that's "how" (I'm sorry I had to) I heard it

26 No Grey

Everything's sunny, but the sunshine fades away...

27 Everybody's Watching Me (Uh Oh)
28 1 of Those Weaks

I love this even though it's not traditional The NDHD. Wish it was on the album though. - Kamrande

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29 Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines

This song is hands down the most beautiful song they've ever created, next to "Warm."

30 Ferrari

Ferrari is arguably my favorite song on their new album. Beautiful lyrics with amazing vocals. Really speaks to you.

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31 Float

What if I don't float? What if I don't float? I think I'll float. I'll float, I'll float. I'll float away...
Seriously a great ending. So peaceful and beautiful.

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32 Leaving Tonight
33 Jealou$y

I absolutely love this song. The saxophone though.

How is this at 23?

34 Say My Name / Cry Me A River

Totally shows of jesses vocals

35 Dangerous
36 Hate Machine
37 Silver
38 Unfair

Even though it's a beat it's a good song

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