The Strokes

The Strokes are an American rock band formed in New York City in 1998. They consists of Julian Casablancas (lead vocalist), Nick Valensi (guitarist, keyboardist, backing vocalist), Albert Hammond, Jr. (rhythm guitarist, keyboardist, backing vocalist), Nikolai Fraiture (bassist) and Fabrizio Moretti (percussionist, mainly drummer). The Strokes has released five studio albums so far: Is This It (2002), Room on Fire (2003), First Impressions of Earth (2006), Angles (2009), Comedown Machine (2013).

Is This It received its critical acclaims and earned the band six awards in the same year of its release, including NME's "Best New Band", "Best New Band" and "Best Act". Their second album was less successful, yet received praise from critics and went gold. The third album, on the other hand, might be quite a downfall to The Strokes. Although it went gold in Japan and had initial strong sales, it had the worst receptions both commercially and critically out of The Strokes' albums. Their fourth album, Angles, however, rose up from going downhill. Despite a long hiatus, it was more commercially successful than its predecessor, and the critic praised the comeback. After its members embarked on a variety of side projects, the band regrouped for a fifth album, Comedown Machine, released in 2013. Currently, The Strokes have sold over 5 million albums to date.

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