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1 Somebody to You Somebody to You Cover Art

I'm a massive classic rock fan, but even I like this song, so that's saying something. People are saying they could replace One Direction, but personally? I hate 1D. No offense or whatever to people that like it. But these guys are way better than them.

This is my favorite song and my second favorite is can we dance. I have a story just like this song. I think about the boy every day. every line in this song is just like my story

Hands down their best song, catchy and the lyrics are just pure brilliance. Thoroughly deserves it's place at number 1.

The song sounds very lively and happy, the message it conveys is very relateful.. It is the best song I ever heard and very original! THUMBS UP! For this song

2 Can We Dance Can We Dance Cover Art

Someone down there said The vamps are a huge competition to One Direction and even bigger than them.

I trying so hard not to laugh at your immaturity. Sure, can we dance is a nice song with a catchy tune, but please. One Direction have so many HIT songs. Those who DON'T like pop, even those like songs like "story of my life", "little things", "you and I" by one direction.

The Vamps highest views ever on a video are around 20 million which they got in about a year's time. One Direction have about 600 M views on WMYB and 300 M views on other videos. They Are famous in countries like Japan, India, Singapore and hell Pakistan! The vamps are rarely known there.

One Direction have gotten many more awards than The Vamps.

So overall, music wise, fame wise, and almost from every single aspect, One Direction are far more better than one direction.

So please, don't compare The Vamps to someone so much superior then them. That will obviously a stupid thing to ...more

They are cool but you can't compare them with 1D. One direction is the best biy band ever! They are superly talented! The Vamps are good in their own way! But no question One direction is the best band with the biggest and craziest fandom!

The Vamps are very new to us. But they are strong rivals to One Direction & I think they've done the very well job through this song. One Direction there it comes "The Vamps".

I really love this song. It has an awesome video and is a cool song.
FYI I am from India and I know and love this band so they must be popular
My favorite songs include last night and wild hearts.

3 Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) Cover Art

They sing so beautifully and I love them I must be the biggest fan I would die to see them. 0MGI my mums just told me that I'm going to a concert tomorrow and the vamps are playing at the big gig in the park. I think I'm actually going to faint ha ha hah ha ha I think I am going to faint PS love Connor so pretty

Its simply the best song of The Vamps. Just downloaded it because I first heared it as the background song of Latin Angles on fox life. It makes me dance. Great lyrics as well.

This song should be in the top three at least. It's amazing! Even my Dad who has the original version like this version.

This song is amazing and before this song came out I didn't listen to the vamps. LOVE THIS SONG!

4 Wild Heart Wild Heart Cover Art

Love it love it
No band ever did any catchy song as this.. Love you brad and love you Connor...

This song is so upbeat, has great lyrics, it has the whole package!

Another original song, but not as good as Can We Dance.

My name is Nickie and I think that the vamps are
Stronger than #one direction.

5 Last Night

This should at least be #3. I absolutely love this song. It's so hip and just puts me in a good mood. This is definitely one of my favorites

This song should have at least #3. It makes me want to jump around and party.

Another great song from their debut album, my personal favorite.

It is a very catchy song. I feel to hum to this song all the time.

6 Say You're Just a Friend

In love with this cover!

7 Wake Up Wake Up Cover Art

Y'all this is one of the most played songs that my sister AND I enjoy, seeing how we're both very different in musical tastes it's a super cool thing to like the same song just as much as the other.

Should be in the first 3 positions, You just can't resist yourself from jumping. Speechless.

When I listen to this song for firts time (I wasn't a fan of the vamps already in 2015) I crush in love with the vamps. Definetlly is the best song ever!

This is really an excellent song by them. The chorus is also too good. Please vote this till it gets to the top

8 22
9 Risk It All

It's just a really beautiful song from their debut album and Brad, the lead singer, said himself that it is his favorite song from their album.

This so beautiful and I can feel the words on my heart,every time I hear this song I can feel something inside of me..

One of the best song I ever heard! It goes straight to my heart!

It is just amazing really...I LOVE all their songs but this one just stands out to me

10 Best Song Ever (Cover Version)
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11 Hurricane Hurricane Cover Art

I actually only found this because I was wondering if there were any songs named after my favourite sports team. Now I'm a tad obsessed...

The video is really funny it also one of the best and funniest song I've heard. THE VAMPS ROCKS! 1

This is a very good song

12 Lovestruck

So amazing! Lovely! Actually I'm a vampette. So obsessed with The Vamps! Brad is bae... This song of The Vamps, so unique even though I like their all songs

How can this song be #17!
It Should be in TOP 5! A Must Listen Song!
Really Catchy & Awesome song!
Their Best Song According to me

I think this song is really sweet.

I love this tune

13 She Looks So Perfect

I loved this version of She looks so perfect! Its just a little bit less amazing than the real one.But still a good cover

Love this cover

14 Girls On TV

One of my favourite...

15 Walks Like Rihanna
16 All Night All Night Cover Art

This song has such a calm atmosphere to it and yet very soothing and magical. Definitely their best song.

17 High Hopes

I could go for anyone of these songs (I love the vamps) but for me I just love the melody of this one xx #thevampsarethebestsbandever!

The way Brad sings "Finish this coffee first" just makes it for me

It's a cute song

18 Dangerous

This song is for sure their best song!

Best vamps song ever

Oh come on
This song is better than can we dance and somebody to you

19 Jack

Even if I forget the lyrics of other songs I never forget jack's lyrics...such an amazing song!

Even though it's Not an official song, it's so funny! definitely One of my favorites, I guess with Can We Dance, High Hopes, Lovestuck and their cover of Sweather Weather

My fave vamps song

20 Rest Your Love Rest Your Love Cover Art
21 What About Love
22 Middle of the Night Middle of the Night Cover Art

This is all new and the electronic vibes give me goosebumps!

23 That Girl
24 Shout About It Shout About It Cover Art

For me the best song, Brad's beautiful voice and lovely song.

So beautiful.. So emotional

25 Personal Personal Cover Art

I don't know what to say, this just should be number one!

Just heard a sample but already loving it.

Sweet and relaxing

Like the music

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