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21 What About Love

I love What ABOUT LOVE by austin mahone but it is not bad It's not a bad song better than the original

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22 That Girl V 1 Comment
23 Shout About It

For me the best song, Brad's beautiful voice and lovely song.

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24 Middle of the Night

This is all new and the electronic vibes give me goosebumps! - alasskkii_

Just wow.

25 Brokenhearted

I love this song so much

26 When I Was Your Man
27 Volcano

One of there best songs. There all amazing but this one is great

28 Personal

Sweet and relaxing - alasskkii_

29 Mr. Brightside

:( I feel sad because Brad looks like this happened to him when he sings

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30 Another World

I love this song, just imagine brad singing this to you..

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31 I Found A Girl

Just Brilliant

Just awesome song I loved it...👍👌

32 Golden

This should definitely but in the to ten, no, the top five at least!

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33 Beliya

Awesome music.Loved this chemistry of The Vamps and Indiam music producers Vishal-Shekhar.They rocked on The Kapil Sharma show too

34 Worry
35 Justin Bieber Mashup Cover
36 Windmills

Come on people.. It should be among the top five.. It's such an upbeat, catchy and cute song.. Must listen because once you do you are gonna sing it all day VOTE FOR IT...

Such a mind blowing song.. Must be kept among the top five... Come on vote for it
Once you listen to it it will become your favourite song...
Vote For It

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37 Runaway

Love this song so much, it's my life story in one song and it also has a really catchy beat.

Aww it catches my heart...

38 Peace of Mind
39 Cheater

It's a great song which can make you move

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40 Stolen Moments

This song is honestly so beautiful

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