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After first becoming a player in the music scene in the 1960s, The Who went on to become one of if not the greatest live rock and roll bands of all time. Their memorable live performances coupled with their popularization of such rock staples as the power chord, rock opera and guitar smash have earned The Who the distinction of being one of the greatest rock acts of all time. This list is a collection of their greatest songs to date.

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1 Baba O'Riley Baba O'Riley Cover Art

Great song always puts me in a good mood
Great guitar with pete doing his windmill
Love the vocals on this song as well

Teenage wasteland its only teenage wasteland... amazing
Vocals are great and the music is really catchy... definitely number 1

How the zombie jesus is this not first? This song brings the passion out of the true who

Its not Teenage wasteland, Baba O'Riley! The longest best intro

2 Won't Get Fooled Again Won't Get Fooled Again Cover Art

Keith Moon does an incredible job on the drum solo. It deserves the number 1 spot.

This is the most complete, incredible song the Who have ever made. Baba O'Reilly is extremely overrated. It's not even that good. This song is far far better.

Simply a great song. All of them go wild on this one, especially Keith Moon on drums.

We don't get fooled again!
Have you not heard the scream!
No one can do that!
Obviously The Who's best song!

3 Behind Blue Eyes Behind Blue Eyes Cover Art

This song is so beautiful. It's got dark lyrics, great harmonies, and a catchy guitar part in the middle.

Great lyrics, great vocals, great guitar, great drums, great song! The who really put it all together in this song

Even one of the worst band like limp bizkit has a good song that too is cover of Behind blue eyes. This shows the nature of this song

Its one of my favorite songs to play for the miracle of the meadow lands I would rank it 5th in my top ten songs list right now

4 My Generation My Generation Cover Art

Awesome song with a sweet bass part

Awesome song, the original is better than any other cover... For me it is their best and is worthy of the best song ever... The Who - My generation truly is the epitome of Rock n'Roll

The epitome of The Who generation. This song changed Rock 'n' Roll history forever.

Named Rolling Stone's 11th greatest rock-n-roll song of all time, "My Generation" captures the raw sense of youthful rebellion better than just about any other song. "I hope I die before I get old" has become a mantra for every youth culture, and the urgent propulsion of the song mirrors the explosive energy of rock, punk, rap, thrash of just about every kind of modern music.

5 Who are You Who are You Cover Art

I honestly think this song should be top 3. It's a perfect example of The Who's instrumental brilliance.

I think this song reveals the band's best guitar-work in all of their amazing catalogue... The vocals are pretty nice too... Great song

Definitely deserves to be #2 behind Teenage Wasteland. This song makes me want to live life. Between the groove and the amazing piano and guitar fusion, this song is just plain amazing. One of the best Classic Rock songs ever

Who are you? Who who, who who? Seriously, who are you people not voting this song? It's absolutely amazing guitar work and shows off Roger's voice very nicely. For me, it's a toss up between this and Baba for the number 1 spot, but seeing as this is so far down, I give it my vote.

6 Love, Reign O'er Me Love, Reign O'er Me Cover Art

Roger Daltrey's vocals on this are INSANE. I also love the slow solo from Pete Townshend towards the end.

Daltrey never sang better. Never even came close, really. His vocals, the hypnotic synths and 6/8 time really make Love Reign O'er Me stand out, even when compared to the other stellar tracks on Quadrophenia.

I'm pretty sure Quadrophenia is the best album of all time. The story of Jimmy is one that any teen can relate to, and this amazing anthem where he comes to terms with himself is the perfect ending.

Quite possibly the greatest song of all time. I don't think any more needs to be said.

But since it won't let me post that, I will say that both the vocals and the lyrics work to make this one one of the most powerful and heart-wrenching songs I've ever heard, full of genuine emotion.

7 Pinball Wizard Pinball Wizard Cover Art

This song should be top 5. It's another example of Pete Townshend's lyrical genius. Pinball Wizard may be a short song, but it's got an incredible tune.

cool song with awesome guitar and lyrics

The most popular song from The Who's timeless Tommy, this was actually a late addition to the rock opera. Townshend was advised that the first version of Tommy was too relentless and needed something to lighten it up - and thus this classic song was born. A piece from classical composer Henry Purcell influenced Townshend for the song's constant sense of motion, and helped bring us this enduring classic.

I'm watching the who: sensation the story of tommy and townsend is talking about spirituality and feeling. And good production. This and the seeker are my best song. "don't worry be happy, do your best leave the results to god."

'You impede your own spiritual progress by doing things which which are against the grain physically by self indulgence, by indulging in lust by indulging in greed - stop pretending and just get serious about life...let your intuition guide me.'

'I was inspired to write tommy as a spiritual story...

8 Eminence Front Eminence Front Cover Art

Timeless story of popular figure suffering from boredom, caused by said popularity.

A hidden gem, the only who song better than baba O'reilly

This is MY favorite, a blast from my past! This show their skills as a band, the solos and variety of the instrumentals unsurpassed!

I don't know why this song is so low on the list, I think the music is great and the lyrics give meaning to what our society is becoming and how the who were against the "Eminence Front"

9 I Can See for Miles I Can See for Miles Cover Art

I think this is one of The Who's best songs.
Eveything about it is just perfect! The hypnotizing vocals from Roger Daltrey, accompanied by Pete Townshend laying down these power chords, Keith Moon, the mad drummer, laying the drums for good and John Entwistle's ace bass playing easily make this in my Top 10 The Who songs! It showcases their talents and how good they could really be!
But what's even better, however, are their live performances, mostly from 1967 - 1971!
They should have played this song more often live! It wasn't on The Who's live setlist until after Keith Moon's death.

This song is very epic on drums and vocals. This should be at least be above the top five and to be honest, to be number one of the who band. YEAH!

Undoubtedly among my favourite songs by The Who!
An underrated, forgotten classic that deserves some more attention.

Horribly, horribly HORRIBLY underrated. How can this song not be AT LEAST in the top 5? Come on, let's vote this song higher!

10 I Can't Explain I Can't Explain Cover Art

Heard it the first time on some greatest hits CD in 2004. It was like hearing God! Just awesome!

Quite possibly the most underrated song of all time. This song is RAW energy. Remember back to your first love. Damn right, you can't explain!

This song is awesome, but you should give a listen to the live at the Isle of Wight version! It's electrifying!

Heard this for the first time in 20 years. Absolutely brilliant. Incredible, magical and ohh so controlled.

The Contenders

11 The Seeker The Seeker Cover Art

"The Seeker" is easily one of my favourite Who songs. It starts with an ultra-catchy guitar riff that runs through-out the song, with Entwistle following every note to really add a punch sound to the already aggressive guitar sound. Listening to "The Seeker" makes my chest pound. But it's not just the music. The lyrics are also very engaging. They might not be Shakespeare, but still, they do a very good job of capturing what to me seems is Townshend's, and every person's for that matter, struggle to define themselves, to be able to say "that's who I am with certainty. It's a song about seeking answers to existential questions that cannot be answered in a lifetime. You can "search low", on the earth, or "high, " in heaven, but still, we can only hope to get those answers when we die.

I love the bass in this song! John Entwistle plays better than God! If he was still alive, I'd sure record an album with him.

I think is the seeker is the coolest song of The Who

The song is just so epic for a number of reasons. The bass is insane, the lyrics always stick with me. "I learned how to raise my voice in anger
Yeah, but look at my face, ain't this a smile? ". Quintessential of this band.
For fans of this song, the cover by Rush is pretty good too.

12 Bargain Bargain Cover Art

This should be top 10. Keith Moon's thundering drums with Roger Daltrey's high pitched scream at the end of the chorus is outstanding.

In my top five songs ever, up there with stairway to heaven and child in time

To raise this higher on the list I'm gonna drown an unsung man

I'd Call that a Bargain, The best I've ever had

The best I ever haad

Yes, this awesome anthem is always overlooked! Should always be a top #10 song for the Who. Best lyrics and top riff---come on, this should always be a top Who song. Forget that---it should always be a top ROCK song! Thanks Pete!

13 Substitute Substitute Cover Art

reminds us of the old times were we don't need to have good faces to be famous

I love this song makes me dance every time I hear it!

How is it possible this is not in the Top 10?

Should be mid top 10's easy

14 The Kids are Alright The Kids are Alright Cover Art

This song is a simple, humble example of classic Who. An overlooked release by most, it is a beautiful ode to the pure everyday issues of life, and really personifies the calmer side to the Who.

I Used To Hate This Song, Its Awesome Now

This song really sounds like "All My Loving" by The Beatles.

There are two versions of this song " make sure you get the one with the extended drum build-up towards the end. Once again, Keith Moon’s drums add power to the pop and so he gets the Who MVP for the song “The Kids are Alright” and the definitive version is on the extended re-mastered re-released album “My Generation”.

15 You Better You Bet You Better You Bet Cover Art

The lyrics to this song are absolutely insane! Just saw the Who at Fenway Park and when they did You Better You Bet, I couldn't believe how many people were singing to it!..Incredibly catchy synth open!

Great Song! I could listen to this all day and never get sick of it! I first heard it in the first episode of season 2 of The Newsroom and it fit in perfectly! I'd say this is easily my favorite song from The Who.

Love Love This Song Please Vote This Song Higher Up This List PLease Great Guitar Bass Drumming And Singing

Great tune lovely beat vote this up

16 Magic Bus Magic Bus Cover Art

The studio is killer but the Live at Leeds one tops it if you ask me.

The Live at Leeds version destroys the studio version! But both are amazing.

I really love the live in leeds version

Such an amazing song, I love it so much

17 The Real Me The Real Me Cover Art

This is the best song because the bass is fantastic and the song is the first of quadrophenia after I am the sea and it opens the film
John entwistle is fantastic also keith moon is good and I love the energy that the song can to give

This song does not have one bass solo, it is an ode to the greatness of the greatest bassist ever, John Entwistle. It is really amazing.
This is not my favorite, but it should move up on this list.

Bass bass and only bass

Love this song, WASP does a great cover of it.

18 5:15 5:15 Cover Art

Another Quadrophenia song that I don't understand how it's ranked so low. It's extremely groovy.

I've heard anything much better in the rock world...

Absolutely beautiful, the piano, the brass, the guitar fills, the backing vocals, the melody... I could go on for 5 minutes 15... But its just simply incredible, highly underrated

How is this so far down? It has everything - an immensely addicting piano backing, a thunderous drum track, a brilliant bassline and a horn - what more do you need?

A song with sublime energy and a great feel to it. Deserves to be in the top ten.

19 A Quick One, While He's Away A Quick One, While He's Away Cover Art

The best OfThe Who
Bohemian Rhapsody is the "A Quick One While He's Away" of the Queen

Should be in the top 5, overlooked song in general in favor of Bohemian rhapsody. Pete’s first real attempt at righting the rock operas that we love him for

The 9-minute "A Quick One, While He's Away" is actually a mini-opera, and paved the way for The Who's 1969 rock opera Tommy. As a medley of six songs, it tells the simple story of a girl who takes a new lover while her old one is away. The piece is generally regarded as the first integrated song cycle in rock. Aside from its place in rock history, it also contains some of Townshend's most engaging writing.

I wouldn't say this song is better than all of Tommy, but it was the beginning of their Rock Opera idea. Should be in the top ten... Anyone who has seen Wes Andersons RUSHMORE should love this song.

20 Boris the Spider Boris the Spider Cover Art

It's really funny, my favorite song by them. I'd like to see you get it out of your head. I'm also in love with the fact that John Entwisle wrote it with Bill Wyman

First death growls in this song. By John Entwistle.

Sweet bass line to play

Definitive album " Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy
Who MVP " John Entwistle

21 Pictures of Lily Pictures of Lily Cover Art

My favorite Who “pop” song, fun to play on guitar. Another great subject that teens can relate to in this gem

Any song about masturbation deserves a vote

"Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night"

Love This Song This One Got Really High In The Charts

Brilliant lyrics, amazing music.

22 Join Together Join Together Cover Art

So straightforward and simple. It's a great poster song for The Who

This should be way higher. At least in the top 15.

I love the guitar layering!

23 See Me, Feel Me See Me, Feel Me Cover Art

I remember back in 1969 when Tommy first came out rock music was being criticized by many for being too simplistic. My older sister, who is a classical piano player, said at the time that anyone who doesn't think rock songwriters have any talent should hear the Overture from Tommy (which, of course, is basically what the last part of See Me Feel Me is).

Damn! I guess this song deserve #6 on top ten list
But those crap are higher, I 'm sorry all the who songs are great but I mean there are a few the who songs who deserve lower than this song and higher than this song, so I think I must vote this song
I love the live version on woodstock, moon always play this song awesome and fast

The Who have so many great songs, but surely this should be higher then 27? Check out some of the live performances like Woodstock for example.

This song is one of my favorites, the tune is simple and the lyrical content is strong.

24 Cousin Kevin Cousin Kevin Cover Art
25 I'm Free I'm Free Cover Art

I am free rocks so much so so so so so so so so so much it has to be in the top 10 I love this classic rock song really much

I love this song, especially the guitar riff in the beginning

This is one of the climatic moments in the album “Tommy” in which Roger Daltrey portrayed the deaf, dumb and blind boy freeing himself from his self-imposed prison. The public really identified with “Tommy” - hence its popularity. Roger Daltrey is the Who MVP for the song “I’m Free” and the definitive version is on the album “Tommy”.

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