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21 Cousin Kevin Cousin Kevin
22 I'm Free I'm Free

I am free rocks so much so so so so so so so so so much it has to be in the top 10 I love this classic rock song really much

I love this song, especially the guitar riff in the beginning

This is one of the climatic moments in the album “Tommy” in which Roger Daltrey portrayed the deaf, dumb and blind boy freeing himself from his self-imposed prison. The public really identified with “Tommy” - hence its popularity. Roger Daltrey is the Who MVP for the song “I’m Free” and the definitive version is on the album “Tommy”. - Garjen

23 Bell Boy Bell Boy

My favourite song of the band, or the one my I-Pod tells me I listen to the most. - irismatidia

I think this is a great song from start to finish. Even Moons short vocal parts are good.

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24 Go to the Mirror Go to the Mirror

I'm pleasantly surprised to see this so high

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25 Squeeze Box Squeeze Box

I love yo play this song at bars everyone seems to like it

I think this just makes the who amazing - gemcloben

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26 Sea and Sand Sea and Sand

Number 44? What?! I have listened to a lot of the Who, and this is my favorite song of all! It should at least be in the top 10...

This song has it all: crazy great drumming by Keith Moon, beautiful guitarplay by Pete Townshend, great vocals by both Daltrey and Townshend and Entwistle is great on the bass. The song has both very cool rock sections and slower beautiful sections. The pace of the song is changing multible times during the song, and in a way like I have never heard it before. Simply breathtaking! This song is very underrated, because it is the one of the best songs the Who has ever made in my opinion...

Totally agree! This is absolutely one of the greatest songs by the Who if not the very best!

Most underrated song ever! It is definitely my favorite song from The Who!

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27 The Song Is Over The Song Is Over

This is one of the most beautiful songs in this catalog. - backflip

Pete's vocal part is amazing

28 Christmas Christmas

Maybe the most underrated song I've ever heard in my entire life. - Donut

How is this not in the top ten, not only my favorite who song, my favorite song in general.

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29 Run Run Run

Definitive album " A Quick One
Who MVP " John Entwistle - Garjen

30 Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell

There is only the live version. The Who never recorded it in a studio.

31 Happy Jack Happy Jack

Never fails to make me happy. Love the drums in this one, especially Townshend saying: "I saw you! " at the tail-end of the song. It basically says how happy they are as a band :D

I remember riding in my Dad's car when I first heard this song. It makes me want to skip around to this day!

The Live At Leeds version is the best

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32 Boris the Spider Boris the Spider

It's really funny, my favorite song by them. I'd like to see you get it out of your head. I'm also in love with the fact that John Entwisle wrote it with Bill Wyman

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33 Tattoo Tattoo V 1 Comment
34 Please, Please, Please Please, Please, Please V 1 Comment
35 Don't Look Away Don't Look Away V 1 Comment
36 Sparks Sparks
37 Real Good Looking Boy Real Good Looking Boy

Wonderful ballad. Absolutely fabulous lyrics. Easily The Who's most underrated song.

Easily their most underrated song. Evokes feeling and has an excellent melody to back it up.

Can�'t believe this song is in this place, it�'s perfect for me, it has so much armony, a sample of an elvis song and much variations of sounds.

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38 Pictures of Lily Pictures of Lily

Any song about masturbation deserves a vote

"Pictures of Lily helped me sleep at night" - dek

Love This Song This One Got Really High In The Charts - mneilan

Brilliant lyrics, amazing music.

One of the greatest compilation albums by any band ever is “Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy” which contained all the power pop singles from The Who in the 60’s like the song “Pictures of Lily”. A lot of that power and pop came from the drums of Keith Moon, so he gets the Who MVP for this song and the definitive version can be found on the album “Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy”. - Garjen

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39 1921 1921 V 2 Comments
40 Trick of the Light

John Entwistle always came up with unique song ideas like in this song about a prostitute but it’s more from the perspective of her client. John Entwistle might be the only bass player that would come up with bass riffs to kick off the song. John Entwistle is the Who MVP for the song “Trick of the Light” and the definitive version can be found on the album “Who Are You”. - Garjen

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