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41 The Punk and the Godfather

The fact that I had to add this easily top 5 worthy song myself really disappoints me.

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42 No Time
43 Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
44 Amazing Journey

This song should be higher! Don't know why it's not Amazing Journey/Sparks because they're basically one song. Tommy and Quadrophenia are best listened to as a WHOLE ALBUM in one sitting, so I guess that's why there's not much in top ten from those two albums. - turnpikefan2017

45 I'm a Boy

great song

This is anther great power pop song on the great compilation album of 60’s hit singles “Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy”. If you are looking for a harder rock version of this song, then check out the live version on “Live at Leeds”. Both versions will have Keith Moon’s impeccable drumming who gets the Who MVP for the song “I’m a Boy”, and once again I would say the definitive version is on the album “Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy”. - Garjen

46 Trick of the Light

John Entwistle always came up with unique song ideas like in this song about a prostitute but it’s more from the perspective of her client. John Entwistle might be the only bass player that would come up with bass riffs to kick off the song. John Entwistle is the Who MVP for the song “Trick of the Light” and the definitive version can be found on the album “Who Are You”. - Garjen

47 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
48 Run Run Run

Definitive album " A Quick One
Who MVP " John Entwistle - Garjen

49 I've Been Away V 1 Comment
50 Slip Kid

I'm voting for my second favorite (1 is Baba). This is a REALLY close second though. Such a cool sound.

How is this so low?

Really? Not even a mention?

I’m lucky enough to live in a town (Chicago) that has always had 3 or 4 stations that crank out The Who (props to WXRT, WDRV and WLUP). I heard a DJ once describe Roger Daltrey as having leather-lungs. He really has a unique voice combining power and emotion. So, the Who MVP for this song “Slip Kid” is Roger Daltrey and the definitive version can be found on the album “Who By Numbers”. - Garjen

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51 We're Not Gonna Take It

Any other band, I would say this belongs in the top ten. But with the Who, they have so many great songs, I really don't know what I would take out. It's a testament to all the great music the who have made.

52 Much Too Much V 1 Comment
53 Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand V 1 Comment
54 Overture

Probably one of the best instrumental songs that ever have written

Its sad that my favorite who song didn't even make the list.

This song should be in top 15 (at the very least).

I love the trumpet in this song

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55 I Don't Even Know Myself

Another great song that didn't make the cut for the album “Who’s Next” because it was originally going to be the aborted “Lifehouse” double album. Roger Daltrey’s voice and harmonica are epic on this song and it is one of those many songs that need to be re-discovered by classic rock radio stations. Roger Daltrey is the Who MVP for the song “I Don’t Even Know Myself” and the definitive version can be found on the extended, re-mastered and re-released “Who’s Next” album. - Garjen

56 Sally Simpson

Definitive album - Tommy
Who MVP ��" Roger Daltrey - Garjen

57 Getting in Tune

51 lol, the whole album who's next should be in the top twenty! Disgraceful! I did vote baba o riely number one.

Credit must be given to Nicky Hopkins who played piano as a guest musician on this song. This is another great song from “Who’s Next” that has become one of the most played albums on classic rock radio stations of all time. John Entwistle plays some sweet bass guitar and gets the Who MVP for the song “Getting in Tune” and the definitive version is on the album “Who’s Next”. - Garjen

58 How Many Friends V 1 Comment
59 Naked Eye

Easily one of the most underrated songs, solid lyrics and a rocking' riff that will keep you captivated for a long time.

Love the live version

Great opening line

60 Long Live Rock

Really awesome song. Awesome lyrics. Awesome feel. Everything about it is really cool. Pete Townsend sings most of it, and Daltrey sings the chorus.

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