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61 Zoot Suit
62 Love Ain't for Keepin' Love Ain't for Keepin' V 1 Comment
63 A Legal Matter A Legal Matter V 1 Comment
64 Acid Queen Acid Queen

How is Acid Queen at 64?! This is my second favorite Who song, only to be beaten by Won't Get Fooled Again.

How is this so low? This song is incredible! I can't describe how much I love it.

This should be at least top 15. Sp rated for it for that reason. My favourite is either Pinball Wizard or Behind Blue Eyes. This is a belter though. Tommy is a great album

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65 It's Not Enough It's Not Enough V 1 Comment
66 The Punk and the Godfather The Punk and the Godfather

The fact that I had to add this easily top 5 worthy song myself really disappoints me.

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67 Gettin' In Tune V 1 Comment
68 Guitar And Pen Guitar And Pen V 1 Comment
69 However Much I Booze However Much I Booze V 2 Comments
70 Young Man Blues Young Man Blues

Great lyrics! Definitely top 20! Come on!

71 Sunrise Sunrise V 1 Comment
72 Relay Relay

Grossly Underrated! Love this song. But that can be said about all of the whos stuff

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73 Don't Let Go the Coat Don't Let Go the Coat V 2 Comments
74 Athena Athena

This song is definitely a top 25 Who song. Just listen to it again and compare with 50 songs listed above it.

Just fun rock -- maybe not top 10 for the Who, but higher than 64

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75 Blue, Red and Grey Blue, Red and Grey

I saw Roger Daltrey on one of his solo tours perform this song by himself just singing and playing a ukulele. He loved the song and said Townshend never wanted to perform it live. Perhaps if The Who had performed it back in the 70’s it would have been more of a radio hit. The Who MVP for this song is Pete Townshend and the definitive version can be found on the album “Who By Numbers. - Garjen

76 The Dirty Jobs The Dirty Jobs

In my opinion this is the who's greatest song along with won't get fooled again, and I really don't understand why is this so low on this list... - Mcflupy

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77 Rael Rael

Completely shocked this beauty didn't make it into the list. It seems to me that this list is devised into the ten most famous 'The Who' songs rather than the songs which are the gems not as well recongnised but more so in a lot of ways matches up to the same standards and sometimes surpasses that of the top ten I see in this list.

78 Pure and Easy Pure and Easy

The fact this isn't anywhere close to the top 10 is a joke. Top 5 for sure. Had Pete Townshend completed Lifehouse with this beautiful tune as its centerpiece, it would get the recognition it deserves as one of the absolute best in the Who's catalog.

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79 Dreaming From the Waist Dreaming From the Waist

How can this song not be on this list. A rock solid performance from all of the band members and some of the best lyrics Pete has written. Their most underrated song.

80 Out In the Street Out In the Street V 1 Comment
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