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81 Baby Don't You Do It V 1 Comment
82 Drowned
83 Another Tricky Day


It’s amazing when a musical artist can adapt and change through multiple decades. The Who did it without compromising what they believe. They were also able to overcome the adversity of losing Keith Moon and launch into a world tour with Kenney Jones on drums in support of their album “Face Dances”. John Entwistle gets the Who MVP on this song “Another Tricky Day” and the definitive version can be found on the album “Face Dances”. - Garjen

84 Dreaming From the Waist

How can this song not be on this list. A rock solid performance from all of the band members and some of the best lyrics Pete has written. Their most underrated song.

85 Out In the Street V 1 Comment
86 Cut My Hair V 1 Comment
87 Water

Great track! Should be higher. - MontyPython

Definitive album " Who’s Next (bonus track)
Who MVP " John Entwistle - Garjen

88 Music Must Change V 1 Comment
89 Welcome V 1 Comment
90 The Rock

Amazing, from the beginning to the end! Can't believe this isn't already added to the top ten!

V 1 Comment
91 Whisky Man V 1 Comment
92 Cook's Country

It's extremely underrated and it's probably my favorite song off of "It's Hard." It's really fast-paced and the background vocals really complete the song. Enough said, definitely listen to it.

V 1 Comment
93 Let's See Action V 2 Comments
94 I Am the Sea
95 Shakin' All Over
96 I've Had Enough
97 I'm One V 1 Comment
98 Had Enough V 1 Comment
99 Faith in Something Bigger V 1 Comment
100 Sister Disco V 1 Comment
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