Top Ten Theaters in the World

This is a list of the greatest theatres from around the world, and the most
spectacular ones as well. Vote your choice!

The Top Ten

1 Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House

The UNESCO’s World Heritage site in Sydney, Australia is one of the most unique buildings. It is composed of multiple venues and is one of the busiest theaters of the world. That itself would tell you a lot. It hosts fifteen hundred performances in a year. The site is visited by over eight million people perhaps even because it is a must visit place in Australia. - LightningBlade

2 Minack Theater (Cornwall, England)

This theater is located at Porthcurno in Cornwall, England. The Minack Theater is an open air theater and almost a hundred thousand people visit this theater and the seasons are usually held for five months starting from Easter time. It has about twenty plays throughout summer and is produced by companies from the United Kingdom as well as United States of America. The theater is known to be one of the most spectacular theaters ever built. - LightningBlade

3 Globe Theater
4 Palais Garnier, Paris (France)

This opera house located in Paris, France has been called one of the most famous opera houses of the world. To describe the building, although it is very expensive, it is a great masterpiece. - LightningBlade

5 Royal National Theater
6 Palacio de Bellas Artes
7 The Royal Albert Hall
8 Metropolitan Opera House
9 Bolshoi Theater

The most beautifull in the world!

10 Amazon Theater

The Contenders

11 The London Palladium
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