Top 10 Best Theatrical Animated Movie Sequels

2018 is already almost over, so the last few lists of 2018 will mostly center around being epic and stuff, I was originally going to make a best theatrical movies of 2018 list, but since I have barely watched any movie made in 2018, I decided to make this list instead. I will be looking at the best theatrical animated movie sequels ever made, so let's begin!

The Top Ten

1 Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 is not only the greatest theatrical animated sequel, but pherhaps one of the best movies of all time as well! It has charm, it has loads of excellent references, it's emotional, and it's colourful and fun overall! I loved the original, but this? It's too good! I am currently suspicous if I prefer this movie over Despicable Me 3 as well, and that movie is excellent as well! So this movie begins with Rex playing a video game, and not just any video game. It stars Buzz Lightyear as a space hero and it's just epic! This was my favourite part of the movie because it includes tons of Star Wars jokes and references and overall is just epic! After Rex loses the movie begins for real. This movie is about Woody who gets kidnapped by a toy collector who plans to sell him and some other toys to a museum in Tokyo, and Woody gets to know who he truly is. I love the backstory and character development Woody gets, and we are even greted with a very emotional backstory for the new ...more - darthvadern

2 Kung Fu Panda 3

The best Kung Fu Panda movie, which I have stated so many times already on the site. This movie was just very colourful and had a pretty good and dark story. It's actually a lot darker than it seems to be. Kai, a spirit warrior, is planning on stealing the power known as Chi from every being in China, and turning them into jade zombies so that they will be under control of him. I really like the story, and Kai is the best villian in the trilogy in my opinion. He is just really intimidating in my opinion and has awesome gadgets. Yeah, I just really love this movie - darthvadern

3 Finding Dory

I loved Finding Nemo, it has tons of charm and looks impressive, and is almost flawless. However, the sequel somehow managed to be even better! While it's not as colourful unfortuanely, I enjoyed it overall even more, and same with story. The animation is a huge improvment and looks so reallistic, I actually thought it was filmed in the real world, and yes, the original was almost just as impressive! While some say the story is a bit of a rehash, I liked it, because it's not a complete rehash and has some new elements. This movie is about Dory finding her parents, and she gets lost and you get the point. I really loved the new character Hank, as he was serious, but sometimes ended up hilarious and was overall enjoyable. You gotta love the truck scene at the end when he attempts to drive one! So good! - darthvadern

4 Despicable Me 3

As I mentioned on Toy Story 2, this competes with that movie on which movie is the better, both movies are in my opinion just beyond excellent and among my favourite animated movies! This movie isn't that well-recieved by critics and stuff, but who listens to critics when watching the movie itself is a better idea? Anyway. So the third installment in the Despicable Me trilogy is about Gru getting a new nemesis, Balthazar Bratt, a nostalgiatard who is planning on getting revenge on Hollywood, because they cancelled his own show "Evil Bratt" when he hit puberty, and this got him mad, and he sought for revenge, and in order he first steal the world's biggest diamond. Honestly he is one of my favourite animated villians of all time. He has a backstory, and understandable motivations that are clear and overall looks awesome as well! Gru is also reunited with his long-lost twin brother: Dru, and I love his character and character development as well! He might be a bit annoying, but his ...more - darthvadern

5 Shrek 2

The most loved Shrek movie, and I can understand why, it's the most original of the bunch by far! While I enjoyed Shrek The Third more, this movie had a deeper story and was overall more colourful! It's about Shrek and Fiona meeting Fiona's parents after they married and giant consequences are created and they must sort it out. Just a really great movie overall! - darthvadern

6 Kung Fu Panda 2
7 Fantasia 2000
8 How to Train Your Dragon 2

Originally, I found this movie to be quite boring, and didn't even watch the whole movie. After some years, after I had grown attached to the original when I rewatched that one, I watched this movie agian, and I found it even worse, but that's probably just because I was nostalgia-blinded by the original. So I watched it thrice, and the third time, I ended up loving it with a passion, and may I say, preffering it over the original. Quite an interesting story, in my opinion. This movie does what sequels are suppose to do: Expand on the original and having an original story. A new villian called Drago Bludvist, is making a dragon army for himself so that he can rule the world I believe and Hiccup must stop him. I really enjoyed the movie, and this is finally a popular opinion by me, but yes I like it over the original - darthvadern

9 Incredibles 2

So while I found the original to be all around more enjoyable and better, the sequel was quite an awesome movie as well. One thing this movie does better than the original is the villian. Screenslaver is one smart and scary villian. Her use of strobe effects on screen is quite creepy and she's also quite smart and has good reasons for hating superheroes, and they in some ways cause people to be weak, as people would always count of superheroes, and not defend themselves, as that's how her father died. Overall a great movie! - darthvadern

10 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks

How did this get up to number 1? - MegaSoulhero

I saw it in theaters. - girlcool

The Contenders

11 Shrek the Third

Yeah, ever since I became a member of TheTopTens, one of the first things I stated about myself, was that I loved this movie and thought it was the best of the franchise. I still do think so, and this is mainly because of how dark and depressing it is, while still being very enjoyable and interesting (Shrek Forever After was dark and depressing as well, but at the same time was qutie uninteresting). While the jokes weren't really good, I really liked the story and dark tone this movie had. Prince Charming was an excellent villian with understandable motivations, as he wants to take over Far Far Away and beacome king and kill Shrek. Overall, an excellent sequel overall! - darthvadern

12 Despicable Me 2
13 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A's
14 Toy Story 3
15 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection
16 Ice Age: The Meltdown
17 Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift is my personal favourite Ice Age movie, simply because the story was quite good. The pirate setting was awesome as well honestly and I really though Captain Gutt was a badass villian. It's the most memorable one of the bunch as well, seeing as when I rewatched the movies for the first time, this was the only one I remembered. Which is also due to the reason I love it - darthvadern

18 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

I think the third Ice Age movie is just as good as the fourth one, which is my favourite, but this movie was somewhat worse I guess. But I loved the dinosaur setting, it was gorgeous and interesting, and Buck is introduced in this movie as well, one of the best Ice Age characters. The plot about Sid wanting to have a family and Manny and Ellie getting a baby is quite touching and interesting as well. So yeah. I really loved this movie - darthvadern

19 Monster University
20 Hotel Transylvania 2
21 Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys
22 Cars 3
23 Shrek Forever After
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