Top 10 Theatrical Disney Movies of 2018

What an absolutely disappointing year for Disney movies. However, that doesn’t mean that all of them were bad. Let’s take a look at this year’s Disney films and see which one’s the best and which one’s the worst.

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1 Incredibles 2

I just watched it yesterday sadly and It was great I like it better than the first one actually - BreakFastBeast2005

The villain and ending could have been a bit better but I still love it to bits. - Tia-Harribel

Good but first one > - iliekpiez

I watched it a few weeks ago, as well as rewatching the original. This movie is excellent although the original was a little bit better - darthvadern

2 Avengers: Infinity War

Well, as it's my favourite movie of all time I do think it should be first - darthvadern

By far the best - iliekpiez

Thanos car - PeeledBanana

I’m so excited for Endgame. Infinity War was a pretty big event. Seeing these characters we’ve gotten to know over the past 10 years fighting a major threat is very exhilarating to watch. It definitely live up to the hype. Mostly. While there are a lot of awesome moments, there are some pretty big problems as well. Gamora is willing to die to protect the soul stone but then tells Thanos the location to save her sister’s life? Why would she risk half the universe dying just to save one person. That’s the same problem I have regarding Scarlet Witch and Vision. It takes her way too long to destroy the mind stone. Again, it’s just one person. This is half of the entire universe we’re talking about! I also hate that they have Peter Parker wear the Iron Spider suit. That completely ruins the message of Homecoming. By the way, his death scene was very corny. Not emotional at all. Also, it’s not like these characters are permanently gone. Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Black ...more - MegaSoulhero

3 Black Panther

Little bit overrated in retrospect - iliekpiez

Black Panther is amazing! I love almost everything about it! I love all the characters, I love the environment, even the villain is very fleshed out. This is a Marvel movie that actually feels like a proper Marvel movie. It works as an origin story despite not technically being an origin story. I also absolutely love the action. However, the visual effects are really bad. There were some nice looking moments, but the CGI was extremely noticeable and didn’t look good. But that doesn’t matter since the story made up for it. All the good stuff in the movie is REALLY good. This is easily my favorite MCU film. I would consider it my favorite comic boom movie of the year if Into the Spider-Verse hadn’t come out. - MegaSoulhero

4 Ralph Breaks the Internet

This movie and Incredibles 2 were awesome. Some of the better movies released this year. Oh and Mega, Fortnite isn't only for kids, It's rated T and it's for anyone who enjoys it. You liked Mario and that's for kids. - B1ueNew

For me, it was not so bad in 2018 for Disney - YanRocky

I was one of the only people defending this movie for months since a lot of people thought it was gonna suck based on what we saw in the trailers. Sadly, this didn’t live up to my expectations. While not a bad movie, it was very disappointing. The humor fell flat, the character development from the first movie is lost here, and this has one of the worst scenes in any Disney movie ever. The BuzzTube scene. That scene alone will make this movie very dated very fast. A lot of people have been praising this movie and I honestly don’t understand why. Even with Cars 2 I can understand that that movie can be enjoyed by very little kids who just want to see pointless action happening. Here, I think kids would probably be bored. But hey, at least they have a Fortnite reference for kids to point out since Fortnite is for kids and ONLY kids. That game sucks. - MegaSoulhero

5 Christopher Robin

Pretty good - iliekpiez

Loved it.

I’m kinda upset this movie didn’t make a lot of money. While not a perfect film, it was still pretty good. I love that it tells us that even when you grow up, you can still be a kid at heart. Seeing Christopher Robin interacting with Winnie the Pooh and the others is so heartwarming. However, the pacing is kinda rushed and slow at certain moments. I also thought most of the other characters were very bland. Still, it’s movie worth watching if you’re a Winnie the Pooh fan. - MegaSoulhero

6 Mary Poppins Returns

Who would not love a person who nannies 3 kids, gives them a bath that sends them into an ocean, takes the kids into a bowl and flies on a kite? Mary Poppins number 2 is probably the best movie ever! If you have not seen it yet, go see it! It is brand new and in the movies. This movie deserves to be in first place.

Emily Blunt is the Queen of acting. - girlcool

Wonderful acting! The last song was AMAZING! When I went to see it on Tuesday, it was waay better than I expected! I smiled through the entire movie, it was that good! I really want to go watch the 1964 one now! - FuffleyandPeetah

This is the most OK film of all time. Compare it to the 1964 original, it fails in comparison. I would say OK and not worth seeing again. - iliekpiez

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7 Ant-Man and the Wasp

I liked it - iliekpiez

Ant-Man and the Wasp is kinda enjoyable, but it felt more like a Wasp film than an Ant-Man film. Since both of their names are in the title, they should be equals. Yet, it seems like they dumbed down Scott’s character to let Hope shine. It’s pretty much a female empowerment movie. Scott was much more competent in the first movie. But here, he acts like an idiot. What saved this movie for me was the really funny jokes and very well put together action scenes. I just can’t ignore that this felt less like a partnership movie and more like a hero with her sidekick movie. So disappointing. - MegaSoulhero

8 Solo: A Star Wars Story

I knew this movie was gonna flop. Although, I don’t know if most people avoided it due to bad marketing or because they were still mad about the Last Jedi. By the way, if you still have to keep reminding people after a year that the Last Jedi ruined Star Wars, first of all; it didn’t. Second of all, get over it. It’s just a movie and Rian Johnson is a human being who doesn’t deserve to be treated the way fanboys have been treating him. Solo is a much worse film. It’s an origin story that just feels very forced. It seems like they try too hard to show how Han became who he is and it doesn’t feel natural. Plus, we didn’t need to know how he got his last name. They also introduce some new characters who they get rid off less than halfway through the movie. Lando Calrissian was easily the best thing. Donald Glover felt closer to Lando that Alden to Han. I would say this movie was disappointing, but that would imply that had any expectations going into this film. - MegaSoulhero

9 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

What an absolute mess. Easily one of Disney’s worst. It makes the live action Alice movies seem somewhat tolerable. It’s an absolute insult to the Nutcracker. It doesn’t even deserve to have Nutcracker in the title. This didn’t even have much connection with the ballet. And the whole “Four Realms” thing is a complete lie because the Four Realms don’t have much of a presence. Aside from Helen Mirren, none of the actors looked like they cared. I totally saw the villain reveal coming from a mile away. Yet I was still shocked at how stupid that reveal was. This movie is so stupid. One of the worst movies to come out this year. - MegaSoulhero

10 A Wrinkle in Time

If you dislike this movie, then why is it on the best list? - Angi

Can you name any other Disney movies that came out this year other than the 10 that I included? - MegaSoulhero

A Wrinkle in Time had a pretty good beginning, but it all went downhill once the 3 ladies were introduced. Three ladies who are completely unbearable. Giant Oprah was very weird to see. Most of the movie, it’s hard to understand what’s happening. It’s just a bunch of nonsense. Sure there are some creative moments and the main girl as well as Chris Pine do a really great job with their performances, but it’s not enough to save the movie. Ava DuVernay blocked me on Twitter because she apparently can’t handle criticism, but I meant what I said. She needs to stick to what she’s good at and not try anything new. The fact that Jennifer Lee (screenplay writer) is taking over as the head of Walt Disney Animation really scares me. - MegaSoulhero

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