Best Theatrical Live Action Disney Movies

The Top Ten

1 Maleficent

This movie is amazing! - Tomboyforever

This one is the best so far in my opinion. - TheFourthWorld

2 Into the Woods

I've seen that some people hated this movie because of how dark it was. I was actually okay with it. Some Disney movies such as Snow White and Tangled were inspired (or something like that) by the Grimms' Fairy tales. And Disney just made the stories kid friendly. In Into the Woods, the things that happened to Cinderella and the other characters were actually the original story of those fairy tales. So, I don't really get why people hate it so much. - TheFourthWorld

It is ok
just awful songs - iliekpiez

3 Gordy
4 Beauty and the Beast

NA NA NA NA - iliekpiez

5 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
6 Alice in Wonderland

I don't remember it much, but I remember enjoying the movie. - TheFourthWorld

7 Mary Poppins
8 The BFG
9 Tomorrowland
10 Cinderella

I am not such a fan of this one. It was kind of boring to watch. - TheFourthWorld

The Contenders

11 Saving Mr. Banks
12 The Jungle Book
13 Pete's Dragon
14 Angels in the Outfield
15 The Parent Trap (1998)
16 A Wrinkle in Time

I haven't watched this one yet. - TheFourthWorld

17 Holes
18 Alice Through the Looking Glass

I also haven't watched this one yet. - TheFourthWorld

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