Ranking The Live Action Star Wars Movies

iliekpiez I love Star Wars. If you don't, then your weird. Espically if you find more entrainment out of something like Power Rangers or god forbid, Michael Bay movies. These movies have changed Hollywood a lot as a lot of space movies and a lot of new celebrities came in. Like Harrison Ford who would play Indiana Jones. Or Mark Hamill, who voice acted the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series.

10) Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
This movie was flat out terrible and made me want to watch Batman Forever or an Adam Sandler movie. The reasons for this is that first of all, that completely messed up the Boba Fett origin story and Jango Fett was basically Boba Fett but in a blue costume instead of a green costume. The acting made someone like George Clooney as Batman look like Tom Hanks or Clint Eastwood. Hayden Christansen was a whiny teenager. This was a line that Anakin said: "I don't like sand", he complains about Obi Wan's training even though it is what he wanted and makes it him seem like a brat who is ungrateful. Ewan McGregor was an awful Obi Wan whilst his character was good, the actor was flat out terrible. Natalie Portman as Padme was also not at her best either. Samuel L Jackson was awesome. The best perfomances were IanMcDermott as Palpatine who was again brilliant and the best was Richard Lee who was a phenomenal. Count Dooku was bland and Yoda just fought around with a lightsaber making him not very interesting. What a crapfest.

9) Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
I do not understand. How can you mess this up? The force looks something out of a video game and is equal to the Lego Star Wars game which I loved but that is beside the point. It looks nice-that is a positive but they all do so it is not a big deal. Qui Gon Jin was a great character who was for some reason, more interesting than Obi Wan Kenobi and was a phenomenal portrayal by Liam Neeson. Obi Wan Kenobi looked very strange and a horror show. I mean wow, how can you mess this up as well is still beyond me. Ewan McGregor makes me want to watch paint dry in Guatemala. Padme is bland and very cliché. Darth Maul should have lived but didn't and should get his own movie, but that is just my onipion. DARTH VADER IS A STUPID ANNOYING TEN YEAR OLD LITTLE PIECE OF CRAP. Jake Lloyd that Justin kid from Turbo Power Rangers, (maybe) was so annoying and that used that awful cliché which is so bad it makes me want to watch Transformers franchise by Michael Bay. I have an idea: he is not even troubled and is so messed up in how he got to Vader in the end you actually wonder how. IanMcDermott was great. The pod race was great and so was the Darth Maul lightsaber sequence but THEY ARE ALL IN STAR WARS. I would have started Anakin as someone who was troubled as a young adult and suffered lost but no. C3PO was built apprantly and that solved him but how did he get made to gold? Never explained, but Lucas would have to explain how he messed it up like he did. Oh yeah, and Taxation is such a interesting thing and of course a planet has to be at risk over it. That makes it even more bland and horrible and makes me want to watch RiceGum or The Annoying Orange.

8) Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith.
This movie was an improvement over the last two but that is not a phenemonal achievement. I mean it is not hard to do. The acting improved for Natalie Portman who gives a divided Padme in the time that she had to be a great character. IanMcDermott presents a great Palpatine. EwanMcGregor messed up in what was crunch time and showed little struggle as he realised what was happening to Anakin. Mace Windu died, but he might be Snoke (fan theory). Of course what happens is that the Jedi die but it could have been in more detail for some of them instead of them going on about taxation. We see good action, but there is good action in every single Star Wars movie. The dialogue should be the best thing but no, it is still as awful as the last two prequels in this otherwise great franchise. The end sequence of course is great, but with no good acting from either Hayden who is the same as the last movie, and McGregor who is a horrible actor who needs to be sent to the washed up celebrity camp. Yoda has a good fight sequence but he did in the last movie. I like Palpatine's plan; that was very interesting. But, with Grievious I feel like that should have been a movie in between them to make it even better and make Grievous interesting. However, it is not a good movie and is not vintage Star Wars.

7) Solo: A Star Wars Story
This was the one which I think was going to happen, but was looking forward to. We see Han Solo's orgrins. Han Solo is not vintage Han Solo. He is not a outlaw anymore almost a stereotypical action hero. The actor who played did not have the chrisima that Ford had. Ehrenreich did not have the chrisima so therefore we did not completely get the Han that is so beloved. However, his realationship with Chewbacca is one of the best things in the movie and is extremely believeable. However, his realationship with Kira was bland and normal not like the one he had with Leia. However, Donald Glover relived Billy Dee Williams' Lando with great success and was the best thing as he made the character and his relationship could have been done better with Han but was good none of the less. The interior of the Millenium Falcon was amazing and looked great even for this franchise. Tobias Backett was another cliché but was interesting. He never saw how Han met Jabba the Hutt leaving a big gap and why that did not is still beyond me. We never saw Boba Fett or Greedo who could have made a better villain. The action is good as is the sequence on the snowy planet but that is the expectations of Star Wars. We saw a robot who was more like Han Solo than Han Solo himself. Referring back to the biggest issue in the movie, mentioned beforehand. He saw a lot of easter eggs, and was noticing R2D2 a lot in it. As this takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, it is revealed that Darth Maul lives. (I am sorry). Potentially setting up a appearance in the sequel to the Last Jedi. Overall, this was alright but I wanted a lot more out of it.

6) Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.
In this movie, Star Wars fans have hated on it and is a big overreaction. The positives outweigh the negatives. The negatives are that Rose is a bland character who could have been better than she actually was. The sequence at the Casino was the worst part, but was not that bad. We saw Kylo Ren's struggle and was a very interesting character who did show struggle in that in some ways, his orgrins were explained miracously. Snoke died, but out of General Hux, Kylo Ren and Snoke, Snoke was like the Emperor in the orgrinal trilogy. Hux showed struggle in that Snoke therefore did not. Rey was also a great character in that was developed with the training with Luke and the contact with Kylo. The progs did not play a vital compent unlike the minions so comparing progs to minions is a unfair comprasion in my POV. Luke Skywalker was the best he has ever been. Hamill put in the best performance of the movie and fans were complaining he did not fly around in the X Wing or fight with lightsabers but we got that three times, this is better character development and shows that he has the fear that Vader had. His death scene, was peaceful. Poe Dameron at the rebellion, when they "rebel" against Leia's successor was bland and he had the stereotype of the rebellious but promising-annoying but it happens. Leia is getting a great send off. The sequences were stellar. Kylo and Rey against Snoke showed great action and a great lightsaber sequence which was necessary. The Battle of Crete was spectular and the best battle in the franchise. It juggled so many things it made my eyes open up almost completely. We saw Finn against Phasma and her death scene was phenomenal. The way that ships on Crete collapsed was also so great to watch. Rian Johnson did a great job.
5) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
This made the franchise return from the grave. This almost made Star Wars great again. It was fun and hit the Star Wars criteria. So many things were great about it. The first being the way that Finn rescues Poe from the First Order's best and the way they escape and the way the First Order base looks is so incredibly well done and whilst this story arc of a minion rebelling is was destiny to happen, it did not the downplay the sequence as a whole. We got an inside look at the way Luke turned out in that Han and Leia almost seem to mourn him along with R2D2 basically being captured with sorrow. Rey was a great character who had a good origin story in that it differed from Luke's largely. Ren has a great origin story as well and showed struggle. The end sequence with Finn, Rey and Ren was very well done and created a new idea of the Force in the franchise as it showed people who do not connect with it, cannot control it. The way that Han was written was great as the character still had the spirit of Han Solo overall. The way that Han died was extremely great as was the sequence on the base of the First Order. We saw a great character in General Hux and Snoke however, could have been developed more. However, the biggest negative with TFA is that it copies the New Hope in a lot of ways. The first being that Poe handed the plans to BB8 which mimicked the way Leia handed them to R2D2 in the New Hope. Poe nearly copied Luke, but not exactly and BB8 was R2D2 but different. The planet which Rey was from was Tatooine with a different name. However, JJ did get the franchise back to what it was about.

4) Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi
This was the worst movie of the original trilogy by a longshot, but was still a great movie. We saw the character development of Luke which left a sequel to finish his story arc and that Hamill acted the role out perfectly. Vader was great in this movie. Never before that I have seen a character who want to see get defeated and the make a lot of people's eyes well up (but not mine-but that is because I do not cry in movies). The Battle of Endor had great sequence but I do wonder how Ewoks beat the Empire. Ewoks. Just think about that. These were the old fashioned minions to keep kids entrained. The way the Emperor was led off onto the Death Star was great to watch. However, there are a lot of issues in this movie that needs to be addressed. One of would have been the Ewoks, but I have explained that well enough. The sequence in Jabba's palace was flawed as if it was like you were juggling balls, but one of them was a asteroid. The Emperor could have had his own scenes, but that was OK I guess. Billy Dee Williams was again great as Lando and that this movie had one that introduced cute animals was OK but other things made the movie great.

3) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
This movie seemed to be the one I was not completely expecting. Something which was a theory but was not almost necessary. This was the movie in the franchise that surprised me. It probably surprised you with the placing. Please do not send Nicolas Cage over. The characters have to die, but they make you wish they had been thought up of. Felicity Jones does a great job of being Jyn Erso, a character who has better origins than characters like Rey or Finn. The way which they show her parents is great. We see her father being forced into the Empire and shows how brutal the Empire actually is. We see the man who eventually commits treason and viewed as a traitor, is murdered but the way in which he was, was very artistic in that the background was extremely natural-a rarity in Star Wars. It also had other characters. One of these was Cassian Andor (Diego Luna). Who is likeable enough. We also see Bodhi Rook (Riz Ahmed) and Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen) who are extremely well written. We also see another character in K-2SO (Alan Tudyk) and the way in which he is written suggests he is more than comedic purposes. We also see Vader at the end, and brings to me to my biggest issue with the movie, that there is not enough of Vader and would rather Vader over a man in a white cloak. The End Sequence is the best end of the movie. We saw send-offs for many characters like Jyn and Cassian. With the way they got the plans being very thought out and well done overall.

2) Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
This basically founded a new genre of pop culture. This invented the idea of a action packed great movie and that it has no issues to address. Leia is a great character who is the female counterpart of Han Solo in a lot of ways. She is a classic character. The opening sequence in the ship was great in every single way of the word. The memory of it still lives in the memory. The way in which we see Obi-Wan Kenobi is at his best. We see what the Force is like and was better than the prequels. Han Solo and Chewbacca are such well written characters as you can see the connection between them. The moment in which Obi-Wan gets his send off is still probably the most famous Star Wars because of the way it was written and symbolised. The way in which Han shoots Greedo is still in people's memories to this day. The moment in which I remember the most and need no debate over is that when Han shows in the Millennium Falcon and you cannot lie when you think it was not a thing in which you thought was over the top. It was stellar. Like this movie as it invented the pop culture that we know and hopefully love today (Star Wars culture)

1) Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
How can you argue with this? Name a moment which made you shocked as a child. I know I fell off the sofa. You know the moment. In fact, this should be called Star Wars Episode V: Vader Strikes Back. I mean wow, he tricked Han, maniplutated Lando, cut off his own son's hand, he replaced admirals, altered deals to his adventage, this is truly vintage Vader. The sequence in which we see Han, Leia and Chewbacca in shock over the fact they going to have dinner with Vader is such a great moment in the franchise. We get vintage Vader. The Battle of Hoth was great as we got many great things and we got the sequence with Luke with the Wampa, all so great. We see Han frozen in carbonite, this has so many classic moments in the franchise and in movie and media as a whole. We also see the sequence on Dagobah when we actually get some good dialogue from Yoda in the franchise and an example of good character interaction. We see tiny details on the Star Destroyer and the moment on the asteroid is just so great. We see the best Star Wars sequence on Cloud City (but it is not a battle). I think I have driven my point home here.


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I knew Empire Strikes Back would be number one! Also, I liked Rogue One the most among the new Star Wars movies too.
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