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TheFatRat is a glitch-hop/chipstep electronic artist, beginning in 2011-2012, but only breaking through with Unity in 2015. I feel that he's very underrated, with better blending, production, and drops than most other electronic artists. His songs are incredibly catchy, and have tremendous amounts of work put into them, as well as being perfect for background music in video games, videos, reading books, sports, etc. Here is my list for his best songs. Feel free to contribute aswell, and listen to any of his tracks that you haven't heard. This list was pretty hard for me to make.
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1 Monody Monody Cover Art

Monody is so good I love it the voice was so good, the background music was epic and yeah this is a common minecraft battle song

Monody should be number one.
When I hear this I always go to an epic adventure. Honestly this is the best music I ever heard. I listen this like every day.
Also Monody is under rated because of those other crappy dubsteps. Thanks for reading. Hope you have a good day.

Epic music, nice lyrics, happy and calming, and very clever overall, with the low voice in the beginning, middle and end in transition to lyrics or song.

So amazing it beats unity not by much but it still beats it. the vocals fit in perfectly with the feel I get when I Listen to it and the non vocal parts are also amazing

2 Xenogenesis Xenogenesis Cover Art

Honestly Unity TimeLapse and Xenogenesis are top three I like these *bit and electric songs

Why this is in so under?It has perfect lyric and confidence music

3 Time Lapse Time Lapse Cover Art

The music is so good! I love the beat to it and it makes me want to dance. If someone played this song randomly I would start dancing XD!

I'm a big fan of dis 1.

4 Unity Unity Cover Art

Wow it blew me away and now I can't stop listening to it

Should be higher then. Great as an instrumental.

Monody First and Unity Second. That is how it is.

Most viewed the fastest song

5 The Calling The Calling Cover Art

Definitely his best original song. Both Laura and the instrumental sound magnificent, and the build-up is truly something special. Whereas his other songs haven't really aged as well (Windfall, Monody, Unity), this one still sounds just as amazing as it used to.

The beat drop is one of the best ones I've heard!

THe lyrics are cool, the music part is amazing :D

AMAZING, it's so dreamy

6 Fly Away Fly Away Cover Art

Should be number one... Best song ever me and my boyfriend love it!

I love the lyrics and it's so cool

I think its cool!
I like it.

Dangit Billy does it look like I know what a.jpeg is?

7 Windfall Windfall Cover Art

This song is very creative and less repetitive. When it gets to the main, loud part, the music changes. Also it's just a good piece without vocals, which is relaxing when I sometimes don't want to be distracted by lyrics.

This song was the first TheFatRat song I listened to and to this day, I still love this. This is nostalgic and epic!

I make videos with various software services, and this song fits in 90 percent of the videos I make

It's relaxing and doesn't have distraction lyrics and can be put in many moods to fit one's style.

8 Levels (Thefatrat Remix)

Even though it's a remix and not an original, probably my favorite of his. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've listened to this one.

9 We are the Dream (Thefatrat Remix) We are the Dream (Thefatrat Remix) Cover Art
10 Never Be Alone Never Be Alone Cover Art

aww come on this one's underrated guys. A contender for my favorite of his, and one of the first songs that REALLY got me into him.

Sweet and soothing

That's a good one

The Contenders
11 Close To the Sun Close To the Sun Cover Art

Beautiful lyrics, great vocals, Origin but much better! He's been working on it for 6+ years, really shows!

Great vocals, one of my favorite songs.

It should get more votes :))))

12 Dancing Naked Dancing Naked Cover Art

reminds me of Do Be Do Be Do

13 Jackpot Jackpot Cover Art

Also, why the hell is Jackpot 12? It should be top 3 or something!

This. Is. It. The song that you'd expect in a RPG game.

The real travesty on this list is how low down this song is. #1 for me, but should be in everyone's top 5 in my opinion.


14 Elegy Elegy Cover Art

never gonna give you up
never gonna let you down

thefatrat has rickrolled us

15 Mayday Mayday Cover Art

Best song ever

16 Chosen Chosen Cover Art
17 Oblivion Oblivion Cover Art

Though I absolutely love every song, oblivion is my favorite because of the imagery it creates in my head. It's so peaceful at the top of the mountain, and then the beat drops and a huge dance party starts.

I love this song it is so good!

18 No No No No No No Cover Art

good lyrics (I mean GREAT!)

19 Epic Epic Cover Art

the song sounds so good!

Epic...Hence the name

My favourite

awesome song!

20 Infinite Power Infinite Power Cover Art

Amazing song

21 Prelude Prelude Cover Art

Great song! Should be in the top 5!

The remix is better

I love it so much (also called JJD

22 Do Be Do Be Do

good song, reminds me of JJD

lol only the true fans know this one (and I guess also Less Than Three but that one's not as good in my opinion)

23 Stronger Stronger Cover Art

It's a new song but I think it deserves to be number 1

Favorite TheFatRat song!

24 Rise Up Rise Up Cover Art

This is in my opinion the best one

25 Electrified Electrified Cover Art

The best fatrat song by far. After this comes stronger, rise up, close to the sun and then xenogenesis.

Very nice beat

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