Top 10 Theme Park Attractions that Closed Way Too Soon

This is a list of roller coasters and dark rides that closed way too soon.

The Top Ten Theme Park Attractions that Closed Way Too Soon

1 Dragon Challenge - Islands of Adventure

Universal's biggest mistake ever. - railfan99

2 Journey Into Imagination (Original Version) - Epcot

Should have lasted a lot longer than just 15 years.

Should have never closed down the original.

You may remember me mentioning this in my list of worst Disney attraction refurbishments. Basically they took one of their best and fan favorite rides and turned it into complete garbage. - railfan99

3 Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror - Disney California Adventure

Well, Guardians of the Galaxy WILL be relevant for longer than The Twilight Zone was. - Extractinator04

4 Peoplemover - Disneyland California

Rocket Rods was worse than the Star Wars prequels.

This could have easily stood the test of time in California if not for selfish Eisner.

5 Skyway - Disney Parks

Old one was in Blackpool Pleasure Beach sadly gone now.

Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ also has a Skyway ride similar to the ones at Disney

If you've been on the Skyride at Busch Gardens Tampa, that's basically what this was. - railfan99

6 Earthquake: The Big One - Universal Orlando
7 Jaws - Universal Orlando

A classic gone too soon. - railfan99

8 Python - Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

My dad loved this ride, even though it was extremely rough. - railfan99

9 Horizons - Epcot (1983-1999)

Could have been regularly updated just like with Spaceship Earth. Just imagine what celebrities could have been used as narrators for future incarnations of this ride!

@railfan99, Mission SPACE was fun

Replaced with Mission: SPACE, a ride that has injured a lot of people. - railfan99

10 Maelstrom - Epcot (1988-2014)

The Contenders

11 ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter - Walt Disney World

I really wish this lasted longer than just 8 years.

Closing down Universe of Energy was NOT a mistake! But replacing Alien Encounter with Stitch’s Great Escape was.

12 Snow White's Adventure - Walt Disney World 1971-1994
13 Jurassic Park: The Ride - Universal Studios Hollywood

Closing this to make way for a Jurassic World ride is one of Universal's biggest mistake. - DinoLover4242

14 Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour - Tokyo Disneyland
15 The Great Movie Ride - Disney's Hollywood Studios

Why is Universe of Energy even here? If anything, UoE closed too late. WAY too late.

16 Countdown to Extinction - Disney's Animal Kingdom
17 Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride - Disney World


The closure had a lot a controversy, causing a lot of protesting, campaign websites, and even the big hatred on Michael Eisner! Although Pooh wasn’t a bad replacement

18 Z-Force - Six Flags Over Georgia
19 Universe of Energy - Epcot

It was a fan favorite, but was sadly closed to make way for Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster, which is Walt Disney World's biggest mistake. - DinoLover4242

20 Superstar Limo - Disney California Adventure
21 Battle of Galactica - Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour
22 Rockslide - Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour
23 Nature's Wonderland - Disneyland
24 Original Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough - 1957, Disneyland Resort
25 California Screamin - Disney's California Adventure
26 Back to the Future: The Ride - Universal Studios Theme Parks
27 King Kong Encounter - Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour
28 America Sings - Disneyland
29 Ghostbusters Spooktacular - Universal Studios Florida
30 Flying Saucers - Disneyland
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