Theme Songs for Users of TheTopTens Who Like Rock and Metal

This list was made based on the opinions of the user on what they think their theme song is.

If you want to add yourself to the list make sure to do it the way I did, Song Name (Band Name) - Username or you can message me and I'll add you myself.

The Top Ten

1 Wheel of Time (Blind Guardian) - Metal_Treasure

I love everything about this song. Epic, intense, powerful, multi-layered, deep, well written, well performed.
And I love this line: "I'm in flames 'cause I have touched the light". - Metal_Treasure

2 Metal Militia (Metallica) - PhantomMilitia

I'm not surprised! - Metal_Treasure

3 Dreams (Van Halen) - Element 119
4 Possessed by Fire (Exumer) - Lucretia
5 Alive (Pearl Jam) - jack2244
6 Eagle Fly Free (Helloween) - FireWasp2004
7 Master of Puppets (Metallica) - mmarce445

What can I say. Classic. - Metal_Treasure

8 Metal Storm/Face the Slayer (Slayer) - KobraKid
9 Unbreakable Part 2 (Primal Fear) - 906389

I am a massive Primal Fear fan, too. - Metal_Treasure

10 Regenerate (Monuments) - NuMetalManiak

The Contenders

11 Inside Out (Anthrax) - christangrant

Yes I added myself but this song probably shocks you because I consider this song my theme song because it's a groove metal song done by a thrash metal band and it has Dimebag Darrell doing the solo - christangrant

12 Cemetery Gates (Pantera) - Htoutlaws2012
13 To the Pain (Nonpoint) - Nonpointed
14 Linkin Park (One Step Closer) - Boredjeff02

Describes me on a daily basis for a rock song anyway.

15 The Sentinel (Judas Priest) and Empire of the Clouds (Iron Maiden) - Costcohotdogs
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