Best Themed Lands at the Walt Disney World Resort

The Top Ten Best Themed Lands at the Walt Disney World Resort

1 Frontierland (Magic Kingdom)

Two reasons Frontierland should be-and is-number one on this list:


Why is this number 1?
I mean it’s great, but not the best out of them all. - Gregory

2 World Showcase (Epcot)

Do you want to travel anywhere in the world? Go to the World Showcase! Eat delicious food, see beautiful architecture, listen to amazing music, drag your bored children until they cry themselves to sleep? World Showcase has it all! - campbelln20

3 Tomorrowland (Magic Kingdom)

I always loved Tomorrow-lands, but this one takes the cake. Personally, I liked the 1989 version the best, here are some problems with the other resorts.

Disneyland - Feels too spaced out, which should be opposite
Tokyo Disneyland - A terrible clone, no people-mover and 1 track sm
Euro Disneyland - Too Jules Verne
Hong Kong Disneyland - MARVEL Land
Shanghai Disneyland - No Space Mountain - Maddox121

4 Asia (Disney's Animal Kingdom)

I love how this themed land doesn't go by what people think of when they think of Asia, Usually, when people think of Asia, they think of China, Japan and, Korea. Still, here it's all about Nepal, Bhutan, and India. The theming is also brilliant. - campbelln20

5 Africa (Disney's Animal Kingdom)
6 Adventureland (Magic Kingdom)
7 Liberty Square (Magic Kingdom)
8 Future World (Epcot)
9 Sunset Boulevard (Disney's Hollywood Studios)
10 Main Street U.S.A. (Magic Kingdom)

This is the quintinsentail disney land - Ninjahosen

The Contenders

11 Fantasyland (Magic Kingdom)
12 Pandora (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

I haven’t been to this land, but I heard it’s really amazing, and I saw photos of it, and would say that being there in person is even better.
That it should be number 1. - Gregory

13 New Orleans Square (Disneyland)

I live for the two best Disney rides, Pirates of the Carribean and the Haunted Mansion, both in one land! - campbelln20

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