Top 10 Theocracy Songs with the Best Bridges or Interludes

Theocracy are an American metal band formed in 2002 (progressive power metal).

Theocracy is one of the bands that often uses bridges or interludes - they are used to make the song structure more interesting / less repetitive.

The Top Ten Theocracy Songs with the Best Bridges or Interludes


The section with these lyrics:
"I'm a sick man rotting slowly
Spiritual leprosy
I'm a captive crying out
Tear the chains and set me free" - Metal_Treasure

Paper Tiger

This one is pretty interesting because this type isn't often used in metal. It's at about 4:05 (after the solos).
It's the section with these lyrics:
"Fear and paranoia bring a false sense of entitlement
Pretend we're persecuted, love the sound or our own voice
Media fearmongering is just a paper tiger
Because don't you know that misery is oftentimes a choice?
Caught up in our drama, we pretend that we have problems
While across the world our brothers are beheaded in the streets
Malcontents and dissonance uncover our indifference
Wolf's cry obsolete" - Metal_Treasure

As the World Bleeds
Wynter Fever

The most interesting thing about this bridge is that is isn't metal (6:00).
I like the contrast. - Metal_Treasure

All I Want for Christmas
Laying the Demon to Rest

It's a thrashy section at 5:05 with cool bass - Metal_Treasure

30 Pieces of Silver

At 3:10, right before the solo - Metal_Treasure

Wages of Sin

The section with these lyrics:
"Restoration, lifting up the fallen
Edifying is our higher calling
If we fail to reconcile our brothers
then we only serve to tear each other down" - Metal_Treasure

Absolution Day
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