Top 10 Theoretical Superhero vs Superhero Fights

Here's a list of some greatest fights between superheros .This is not only between Marvel vs DC but all superheroes .

And please comment that which character should win

The Top Ten

1 Batman vs Deadpool Batman vs Deadpool

There should be a really movie about this

Deadpool is immortal but Batman doesn't give up.

Deadpool has high combat skills and unlimited durability and Batman has high-tech gadgets and a brilliant mind

Deadpool is one of the most powerful superhero and batman is one the most favourite superhero ever.

Who should win this fight? - zxm

Refer to my comment at the top of this list for who would win this fight! - Terrax

2 Batman vs Superman Batman vs Superman

Give Batman time to prepare and he can devise a way to defeat any foe! - Terrax

Superman is the strongest superhero ever.He could kill anybody with one single punch.But wait this isn't just anybody.It's batman.Yeah it's batman.

So anybody can win - zxm

3 Superman vs Thor Superman vs Thor

Superman wins only because of his super speed. - Terrax

This would be an epic battle in fiction.

Thor, The god of Thunder! He Wins in a long fight.
Superman is weak to magic, that why he couldn't beat Black Adam alone.

4 Superman vs The Sentry

This would be the fight of the century! Unless you are a true comic book fan of Marvel comics you probably don't know about The Sentry. He has the power of a thousand exploding suns! Nigh in-exhaustable super strength, invulnerability, eye-beam blasts, and power of flight! Check out his incredible battle with The Hulk in issue 5 of "World War Hulk" after Hulk had defeated almost all of the Marvel universe heroes. The last son of Krypton may actually be over matched in raw power here! - Terrax

5 Batman vs The Black Panther
6 Ghost Rider vs Firestorm
7 Daredevil vs Punisher Daredevil vs Punisher

Daredevil is the better hand-to-hand fighter and wins in a straight up fistfight. - Terrax

8 Deadpool vs Wolverine Deadpool vs Wolverine

Winner by dismemberment...Wolverine! - Terrax

9 Thor vs Shazam!
10 Superman vs Hulk Superman vs Hulk

The Contenders

11 Iron Fist vs Shang Chi
12 Evil Ernie vs Ghost Rider
13 Captain America vs Thor Captain America vs Thor
14 Invisible Woman vs Lady Death
15 Hulk vs Wonderwoman Hulk vs Wonderwoman

Hulk's brute strength wins the day. - Terrax

16 Batman vs Iron Man Batman vs Iron Man

Bruce Wayne outwits Tony Stark. - Terrax

Both of them has money
has brilliant minds
high tech gadgets - zxm

17 Thor vs The Sentry
18 Wonder Woman vs Storm
19 Daredevil vs The Black Panther
20 Batman vs Captain America Batman vs Captain America
21 Hulk vs the Thing
22 Deathstroke vs Spiderman Deathstroke vs  Spiderman
23 Deathstroke vs Deadpool
24 Moon Knight vs Batman
25 Black Bolt vs Superman
26 Sabretooth vs Wolverine
27 Black Bolt vs Hulk
28 Aquaman vs Namor
29 Iron Man vs Rom The Spaceknight
30 J. Jonah Jameson vs Perry White
31 Hulk vs Doomsday
32 Incredible Hulk vs Superman
33 Deadpool vs Deathstroke
34 The Flash vs Quicksilver
35 Doctor Fate vs Doctor Strange
36 Doctor Manhattan vs Silver Surfer
37 Spiderman vs Batman
38 Dr. Strange vs Spiderman

I think it would be pretty cool. Dr. Strange would probably win though.

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1. Superman vs The Sentry
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3. Superman vs Thor


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