Top Ten Theories that are Easier to Understand Than People Think


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1 Special Relativity

Ok let's just say that lightning strikes at the other side of the train at the speed of light(train) it's possible because the lightning strike has entered into the infinite warp of time which makes time faster than the original time which is the other lightning bolt at the other side of the train - Kevinsidis

2 General Relativity

The massive objects being appeared at space time which has caused time to dimple which makes time seem so different by it's massive size at the infinite warp of time which has created the speed of light of time which that's how time seem so different. - Kevinsidis

3 Quantum Theory

It's about atoms sub-particles and other particles that makes up the universe and tells me and visualize that about the Infinitness of the meaning of the real reality which we are seeing and sensing now. - Kevinsidis

4 Quantum Entanglement

It's just about photons being separated at great distances and then many years later these photons have encountered interact or combined physically. - Kevinsidis

5 Evolution by Natural Selection

It's about birds of how they survive and what happen to their populations on different species if they have narrow beaks they will survive less and won't pass on to many generations by mating and if the others have thick beaks they will survive more and pass on to many generations. - Kevinsidis

6 Heliocentrism

It's about the sun being on the center of the solar system which the earth is not which it's a human error in mankind's history.It has shown that the earth and the sun revolved around the center star of the solar system or what I called the center orb or light source of the solar system - Kevinsidis

7 Classical VR Theory

This is my own it's very basic my dad doesn't understand I'm very disappointed the classical music brings the consciousness of feel while people are experiencing Vr and it completely works by the joyful,gleeful structure of the type of music. - Kevinsidis

8 String Theory

It's mostly about physics being replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings of how they made up the universe by strings looping each other by electromagnetic,strong and weak nuclear force,and gravity. - Kevinsidis

9 Isaac Newton Laws of Motion

For example the jet can accelerate successfully because the booster it's been placed at the back of the jet which the other opposing force of the booster pushes up which makes the jet accelerate well. - Kevinsidis

10 Black Hole Time Travel

Let's say that if you enter to a black hole it's an inescapable binding force that has hawking radiation that emits light,but if you travel to a wormhole you will travel into a speed of light that makes you warp into time which might make you stay at a certain age but the other beings on earth have aged. - Kevinsidis

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