Top 10 Theory of a Deadman Songs Theory of a Deadman Haters Shoud Listen To

Similar to my Nickelback hater song list but with TOADM.

The Top Ten

1 Nothing Could Come Between Us

TOAD generic? I think this song says otherwise.

2 Make Up Your Mind

Let's see doesn't sound like Nickelback and is a creative song.

3 Santa Monica

Hmm... not a bad song and it proves TOAD isn't as bad as people say.

4 No Surprise

Generic guitar? No I don't think so.

5 Bitch Came Back

One of their more harder songs.

6 Lowlife

A song about being a lowlife and it's done well.

7 Hate My Life

A sarcastic song about life and it's pretty damn funny and good.

8 Not Meant to Be

A breakup song that doesn't sound as awful as people claim TOAD is.

9 Savages

A song that proves how bad the human race is do I need to go on? Plus it has Alice Cooper in it enough said!

10 Angel

A soft song that's not half bad.

The Contenders

11 Hurricane
12 Blow
13 Since You've Been Gone
14 Love is Hell
15 Easy to Love You
16 All or Nothing
17 By the Way
18 Invisible Man

Not the right Invisible Man... it should be Theory of a Deadman's Invisible Man.

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