Top Ten TheTopTens Lists About Songs Ruined by David Bowie Trolls

David bowie trolls.. they always add something to negative lists.

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1 Worst Songs of 2015-2017

I created this list on my 1st account... and then The David Bowie troll comes in, and adding songs, the David bowie song was at number 9, so at least it's not number one, watch out if you're gonna create a worst Songs list that affects 2016, because you're gonna literally be trolled by the David bowie trolls, Aaaand the David bowie song will be higher, so watch out, mates! - Fullwalking2

2 Worst Albums of All Time

When the David bowie troll comes in, he submitted the album, there. It's number one now. - Fullwalking2

3 Worst Albums of 2016

This list has to be on this list. You know that when this list was first created, nothing happened, literally. nothing just happened, we all chilled, and blah blah blah all that was ruined, by the ultimate David bowie troll. The blackstar album, was just Number one now! And that all goes to the DB troll! - Fullwalking2

4 Worst Songs of 2016

Well at Least the DB Song wasn't that higher, the DB song was in Number 89 I think, so at least it's not in the top ten. - Fullwalking2

5 Most Annoying Songs of 2015/2016

David bowie's song is Number 11. And his songs are in the top 20... - Fullwalking2

6 Most Annoying Songs of 2016

Guess what? David bowie's song is Number 9. - Fullwalking2

7 Top Ten Songs That Deserve To Be Hated The Most

David bowie's song is at Number 46. All goes to the DB troll. - Fullwalking2

8 Top Ten Most Offensive Songs

David bowie's song, IS at Number one. - Fullwalking2

9 Least Kid-Friendly Songs

Anaconda used to be Number one, and now, David bowie's song is at Number one! - Fullwalking2

10 Top 10 Songs You Never Want to Hear on The Radio

David bowie's song is at Number 8. - Fullwalking2

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11 Worst Albums of 2017
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