Top Ten TheTopTens Blog Post Stories Cliches

TheTopTens T.V. , TopTenner Adventures, I'm a TopTenner, Total Drama TopTens... They all use 'em. Credit to SuperHyperDude for giving me the idea.

The Top Ten

1 Mr. State the Obvious

Oh no, I'm stuck in some mud. Better call someone to tell them I'm stuck in mud. - Puga

2 SelfDestruct hating Jackie Evancho

You can tell that SD hates her with a burning passion. LOL - EpicJake

3 Positron Saves the Day

Why I like TheTopTens murder, is because it started like this, then it turned out he is a murderer. - gemcloben

4 Someone Vs. Andre56
5 The dialogue-hogger

I have 4 characters in mine and whenever there is a conversation part, I always forget about one so the other 3 are dialogue hoggers.

Hm, never seems to be one in mine... - DapperPickle

6 The Panic Monster
7 Everyone hates BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

Seen this one in lots of series recently. - Turkeyasylum

8 Positron likes deadmau5

Maybe it's because he likes Deadmau5? Duh. - RiverClanRocks

9 The last-second saviour
10 The guy who screws it all up

The Contenders

11 SelfDestruct The Villain

I wanna be portrayed as villain. (grasshopper crickets) Oh come on, I'm a criminal. - Delgia2k

SelfDestruct is portrayed as a villain in many series. - SubliminalMessages

A lot of these cliches aren't really used much anymore. - Therandom

Like in my series. - McKing1003

12 Britgirl and Keyson's Romance
13 Something happens to Therandom
14 Puga and SevenLizards Fighting

I mean, what series doesn't have them fight at some point? - Turkeyasylum

15 Cosmo and MsWiseguy Fighting
16 One-Dimensional Characters

Trust me, even my blog post series suffer from this. - Turkeyasylum

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1. Mr. State the Obvious
2. SelfDestruct hating Jackie Evancho
3. Positron Saves the Day
1. Mr. State the Obvious
2. Positron Saves the Day
3. SelfDestruct hating Jackie Evancho


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