Top 10 TheTopTens Conspiracy Theories

Yes even TheTopTens has conspiracies. I asked my fellow users for some conspiracy theories regarding other users. Here are the ten I either picked or created. Feel free to add any you would like. This list is meant to be funny, so have fun with your submissions.
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1 htoutlaws2012 is Secretly Admin

This is a theory I made. htoutlaws holds so much authority and respect on the site. He pours endless hours of devotion into the site. Could ht be an Admin? He has been on TopTens since the dawn of creation. Wouldn't surprise me.

perhaps you see noner has taken admin hostage and admin is actually ht, who decided to get into the conspiracy business after thefriendlynazi and me, leafeon, LiamCoaster fan and sloth21 corralled him with randomator/therandom's face, which then inspired Randomator to create the sock puppet account dark_shadow and then thefriendlynazi brainwashed Britgirl into making an account called piplup, before htoutlaws/admin submitted to Noner's threats and created the account haithere. Then, cursing them all with bad grammar, noner made them supporters of Trump and actually, under the alias aggressiveblaze, made every single account ever on ttt, while seven lizards and piplup had a kid through online dating called Joe Biden who managed to overthrow noner and admin. They then retaliated by deleting im_thetraintrain's account and eating unripe apples

Lol. This list is hilarious.

Actually seems plausible

2 Piplup is Britgirl's Alt

How does this sound plausible in any way?

Made by LiamCoasterFan. I mean ok I guess.

3 Sloth21 is Leafeon

They are both named Liam. They make very similar content and Leafeon was very active before Sloth joined then like the second Sloth joined, Leafeon kinda just disappeared a little.

guys, I'm telling you, this is ridiculous. I'm 100% Leafeon, definitely not Sloth. He's his own human being.
Wait a minute-

4 Randomator is Therandom

Seems plausibly at first. But Randomator is heavily involved in sports and Mario, whereas Therandom is an authoritarian-kind of figure. Plus one respects me while the other does not so there's that.

Oh yes SteelCity99. They both have Random and they even both act the same except Randomator is more sportsy and not as vulgar as Therandom.

Could maybe see it happening

5 TheFriendlyMex is a Nazi

This is something that came up a few weeks ago and the inspiration for this list. Mex has made multiple posts and lists that have to do with Nazi Germany. He drinks German beer and he likes authoritarian figures. TheFriendlyMex=TheFriendlyNazi.

Heil Hi-, wait wrong list 😂

6 Luigifan21 is an Alt of Darthvadern

Think about it why is he never active

7 Randomator is Dark_Shadow

This is a theory tossed around during the Election by a visitor. I do see quite the resemblance.

honestly could be possible

8 Xandermartin98 is a Zombie

this is funny lmao

9 Everyone on TheTopTens is AggressiveBlaze

Alright guys, I'm gonna reveal that I actually am AggressiveBlaze but I don't like to follow myself on this account because I don't want to be that popular.

Oh yes this makes a whole lot of sense, because why not.

Every war on TheTopTens was a cause of AggresiveBlaze getting into a arguement with himself.

10 HaiThere is htoutlaws2012

Come on man! I can't name more than five NFL QBs and he probably hadn't heard of Connor Lassiter until I showed up.

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11 The Gen 18 War was Staged by Puga
12 EvanTheNerd is Pnut

Well, I already have like 5 alternate accounts here. So who knows, he could be me... I am everywhere ;)

13 Thebestuser is Only Joking

Thebestuser is clearly just a troll that we all are entertained by.

He is only joking

14 Pnut is a Typo of Punt

Another piece of the puzzle!

I didn’t know I created a meme this funny

15 Technoblade is im_thetraintrain

I’m telling you guys there’s no way me and im_thetraintrain are the same user we both like Minecraft, we both like sloth21, we both have a couple featured lists, see we are not the same user

16 SevenLizards was a Sock Puppet Account for Blaze

Think about it why has SevenLizards never returned?

I said it. I believe it. - SteelCity99

17 LLB is Sloth21's Personal Hype Account

No, Me and Sloth21 are definitely different people. I know I'm LLB and Sloth is Sloth, that's how things are. Wait a minute...

18 noner, TheBestuser, and im_thetraintrain are all the same user
19 Leafeon is V-Curve

He Is Ieafon almost have proof

20 Technoblade is a secret agent for technoblade to tell people that dream sucks and so people could subscribe to technoblade
21 Luvdiscmon is Eclipsmon

Hello bunch of peasants! This is luvdiscmon using Eclipsmon's account again! I think this theory is very dumb, and shouldn't even exist!

I have no idea who Luvdiscmon is so yeah. This is Eclipsmon's conspiracy.

22 Thebestuser is BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

think bout it why haasnt he returned?

23 MisterBigTime is BonJovi17

oh yea how did u figure that out sherlock

24 Sloth21 is Dark_Shadow
25 Sloth21 is just a big brain sloth that can type, think, and make featured lists

his name is sloth and username is sloth21

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