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21 jerk4life and ArigatoKawaii (Kawaii4Life)

John is such a nice guy and one of my best friends here. Well, I think he is just plain funny. Kawaii4Life looks like I've been Amourshipped (LOL). Thank you for shipping us Princesssmooth. - ArigatoKawaii

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22 Turtwig and Izzy (Turtzy)
23 Catacorn and TheEvilNuggetCookie (TheEvilcorn)

The name is great. - Martinglez

I forgot about this lmao. - Catacorn

24 SelfDestruct and JUSTINBIEBERLOVER (SelfBieberLover)

One is hardly a troll, one is. I can see this working out though. - Music_Lover123

25 BirdEchoSplash and Oliveleaf (OliveSplash)

And birdechosplash, learn to take jokes, you are acting like a little baby

Hands down, best ship ever, even better than key son and Brit girl

Piper and Piper are a great couple - MetalObsessed

Ahem *cough, cough* Do you know how weird this is? I don't find this funny at all. - Oliveleaf

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26 Megamanzerostrider and Britgirl (Megagirl)

So many ships with Britgirl in it... - Elina

27 Velitelcabal and BirdEchoSplash (VeliEchoSplash)

NO. JUST NO! The best user dating the worst user, that stupid

Who's the best and who's the worst? I honestly don't know who you're referring to. But either way, I don't like this ship. - Oliveleaf

I SHIP THEM! And I think it should be BirdCabal. Easier to pronounce - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

28 Rockfashionetta and Disney1994 (Disneyfashionetta1994)

He needs to change his name to Pedophile1994 if he wants date her. - Music_Lover123

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29 s646463 and Britgirl (Brit63)
30 Cartoonsgirl and nintendofan126 (cartoonsfan126)

Umm… who added this? I like Cartoonsgirl as a friend. And only a friend. - nintendofan126

31 Hannahmontanafan17 and Yasmin1 (Hannahmin1)
32 BlueFrostOfThunderClan and Nikbrusk ( Thunderbrusk)

I really ship it - lovestarlist

33 Kontrahinsunu and Kiteretsunu (Kiterehinsunu)

A huge mouthful. I tried, but I can't pronounce it. - Fandom_Lover

I actually thought at first that they were related...

I have a crush which is not him. Thank you. - kontrahinsunu

Oh god, I hate shippers right now, - kontrahinsunu

34 ArchAces and Elina (Archina)

That ship name sounds so awesome - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I think the "opposites attract" thing is false, so no. - Elina

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35 Therandom and Eternal_Laughter (Eternal_Random)
36 SamuiNeko and Martinglez (MartiNeko)

Hey, this is a great ship! Who thought of this?

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37 Kontrahinsunu and Velitelcabal (Koncabal)

Someone shipped me with someone because we're both Filipinos? Lol

Uhhm... They're starting to ship everyone with Him. Lol. Whoever added this, Please. Don't. Add. Me. - Fandom_Lover

Update:Now invalid, been told that has crush in school. Courtesy from RiverClanRocks. - kontrahinsunu

38 TwilightKitsune and ModernSpongeBobSucks (ModernKitsune)

Hmm, pretty nice ship. I'm not into online dating, but I'm surprised I'm being shipped now. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Online dating sucks but this is kinda cool. - TwilightKitsune

Very good - Lucretia

39 Therandom and BarneytheDinasourRocks (TherandomtheDinasourRocks)

Very good they deserve each other - Lucretia


40 perfumelovers and lovingicecreams (lovinglovers)

They're the same person, Duh! - Neonco31

Lol how do you date yourself?

This is a good idea - Lucretia

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