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41 MetalObsessed and StephanTheIdiot (ObsessedIdiot)

No way. - Lucretia

42 05yusuf09 and velitelcabal (veliyusuf)

Somebody please. Kill this ship. KILL IT. - RiverClanRocks

Their both boys! - Nateawesomeness and more no.

Heck yeah! - SamuiNeko

43 PrincessJake (PrincessKiana and EpicJake) V 1 Comment
44 Blear and TwilightKitsune (BlearKitsune)

I actually shipped this once way before Blear said he wanted to date her.

ModernKitsune is better - Lucretia

I would rather stick a needle in my eye than date you, Blear.

Or yours. - TwilightKitsune

45 Dapper_pickle and Batmaniscol (Dapper_batman)

What a weird ship... - DapperPickle

I didn't add this... - DapperPickle

46 Danteem and TheRandom (DanRandom)

I honestly feel bad for therandom - Brobusky

47 DynastiSugarPop and MorbidCannibalSlayer (MorbidCannibalSugarPop)

MCS is bad but he's not that bad...

I remember adding this... - Lucretia

48 Puga and Gamermike35 (Pugamike35)

They were made for each other - Martinglez

It's good, but it's not quite Pana, so I'll pass. - Puga

49 Turkeyasylum and Puga (Turkeyasga)

Yeah, let's just push this to the side... - Puga

Whoever added this either needs to go to a mental institute or... SUFFER MY WRATH! - Turkeyasylum

Guys, you can ask admin to remove items with your names. I did. - Therandom

V 3 Comments
50 Catacorn and SirSkeletorthe3rd

Catacorn and sirskeletorthe3rd are dating I think

V 3 Comments
51 htoutlaws2012 and valetine (valaws)
52 Birdechosplash and JUSTINBIEBERLOVER (JUSTINBIEBERsplash)

They're both beliebers so yeah that would work

V 3 Comments
53 BluefrostofthunderClan and Brobusky (Bluebusky) V 3 Comments
54 Princesssmooth and NikBrusk (Nikgela)

Why Nikgela? Since we don't know the true name of Nik yet we know Princesssmooth's which is Angela, it will be great to have this a ship! - ArigatoKawaii

...I don't know what to say. I doubt Princessmooth will like a fat ugly loser like me. Yeah, I'm ugly. I wear masks for a reason, you know. - NikBrusk

V 1 Comment
55 PetSounds and CanadianGirl (PetGirl)

This is a thing? I've never even messaged her. Shippers. - PetSounds

56 Velitelcabal and SamuiNeko (SamuiCabal)

Lol I knew someone would add this ship!

V 1 Comment
57 Velitelcabal and Danteem (Dantcabal)

*ignites lightsaber* Who ever added this is going down big time. - RiverClanRocks

V 1 Comment
58 BlueFrostOfThunderClan and BirdEchoSplash (BirdEchoOfThunderClan)

Best friends forever or best couple forever? LOL

V 2 Comments
59 Birdechosplash and Britgirl (Britsplash) V 1 Comment
60 SamuiNeko and RiverClanRocks (SamuiClanRocks) V 2 Comments
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