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81 SuperHyperDude and IronSabbathPriest (IronHyperPriest)
82 NintendoFan126 and Therandon (Thenintendo)

The troll spelt my name wrong. - Therandom

83 SelfDestruct and JUSTINBIEBERLOVER (SelfBieber)
84 PatrickStar and RiverClanRocks (PatrickClanRocks)

I never even talked to him! - RiverClanRocks

Yes. - Goatworlds

85 Fandom_Lover and VelitelCabal (FandomCabal)

I did NOT add this. So, don't kill me Lexi. - WonkeyDude98

86 BirdEchoSplash and PrincessKiana (PrincessSplash)

Hey birdechosplash, can you just shut Up and learn to take jokes

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87 SamuiNeko and BirdEchoSplash (SamuiEchoSplash)

Lol that is genius (But Samui is a good user tough, birdechosplash is bad)

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88 SamuiNeko and Britgirl (Samuigirl)


89 ProPanda and PeachyBlast (PandaBlast)

Do you like ProPanda Peachy? - TwilightKitsune

I madly ship it! Sorry Hania! - Catacorn

Lmao we're in last place - ProPanda

Oh. It's a cute shipping. I'll armourship the both of you. Its Kawaii.

90 WonkeyDude98 and Kontrahinsunu (Kontdude)
91 Htoutlaws2012 and DynastiNoble (Dynastilaws)

Htoutlaws doesn't deserve this bulls*** ;-;

I feel bad for HT2012... - Elina

92 Metts and Randomteenager (Metteenager)
93 Therandom and EpicJake (RandomJake)
94 Puga and WonkeyDude98 (PugaDude)
95 Elina and WonkeyDude98 (ElinaDude98)

No just no... complete polar opposites.

96 GamerMike35 and Powerfulgirl10 (GamerMikegirl10)
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