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1 Best Eminem Songs from Encore and Relapse

I put about an hour of work into this one and I think it was a good list

You must really like Eminem. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Eminemfan1717 your comments keep disappearing every time you try to make one meaning I can't find them anymore so just message me thru my gmail

2 Top 10 Best Eminem Songs that People Don't Like

I love Eminem songs and there's a lot that I like but other people don't and those are the onrs I think people should like more

3 Top 10 Years for Eminem

Eminem had a lot of good years and these are his best

4 Worst Songs on Eminem's Revival

I loved revival but once ever I found out no one made this list I had to make it

5 Best Eminem Songs No One Knows

I know a lot of Eminem songs and these are a few I know but not a lot of people kow

6 Worst Songs on the Eminem Show

The Eminem show was my favorite album of all time but these are the songs that are't as good as all the rest

7 Top 10 Family Guy Season 16 Episodes

I'm surprised I was the first to make this

8 Top 10 Eminem Songs Not on One of His Albums

This one is just the best Eminem songs not one one of his albums

9 Albums Eminem Should Make

A compilation of ideas for albums that Eminem should make

10 Top 10 "Road to" Ideas for Family Guy

The Contenders

11 Eminem Song Title Ideas

A compilation of ideas for songs Eminem should make

12 Best Songs from Eminem Revival and Relapse
13 Most Underrated Eminem Albums
14 Best Eminem Songs Before Infinite
15 Best Songs on Eminem's Infinite and Revival
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