Top 10 TheTopTens List Items that Clearly Deserve Lower Numerical Placements


The Top Ten

1 Grand Theft Auto 5 - Worst Video Games of All Time (#27)

Not even bad. It is a bit disappointing but it's not bad. - Swellow

Yeah why is this so high it should be near the bottom feeders that are actually good this is no where near the level of Ninjabread man, or M&Ms Kart Racing, or a lot of other games lower than that. - htoutlaws2012

2 SpongeBob SquarePants - Top 10 Best TV Shows (#6)

Rocko's Modern Life was better, enough said - xandermartin98

Sorry, but the old spongebob I liked, I don't the newer season its not consistent enough for me to be convinced it is in anyway top 10 worthy. - htoutlaws2012

3 Kimi No Na Wa - Top 10 Best Anime Movies (#5)

This one I do not get at all, I tend to like Anime Movies then I do by seeing fewer shows. The top 4 did not surprise on bit, but when it got to this one I'm like huh? I mean I expected to the least Ghost in the shell, or even My Neighbor Totoro to follow up, but this was very unexpected. - htoutlaws2012

4 The Fox and the Hound - Top 10 Best Disney Movies (#4)

Not to offend a certain toptenner who loves this movie, but realistically I would not have this in the top 5 or event thought of it being up there along with the likes of Lion King, Aladdin, & Beauty and the Beast. Meanwhile you could also point to movies like Tangles, Big Hero 6, or the obvious Frozen, but I went with the highest questionable because less bloodshed next. - htoutlaws2012

5 LeBron James - Greatest Athletes of All Time (#13)

Okay new generation NBA fans please hold your pitchforks because on the list he is higher than greats like Tom Brady, Bruce Lee, even recently Floyd Mayweather Jr. all guys that submitted there legacy, and you got a guy who I won't deny is great, but is awful when comes to losing, and getting on a podium. At least with Matt Ryan he said embrace the suck, King James is all ''I... I... I...'' Every sentence. - htoutlaws2012

6 Jack in the Box - Best Fast Food Restaurants (#20)

I have heard a lot of bad things about Jack in the box that 90% of the food in that place is disgusting, and I even met someone in real life that actually did eat it, and showed it off on YouTube I definitely don't see this being a top 20 Fast food place to go at all. - htoutlaws2012

7 Common Cold - Top Ten Worst Illnesses of the 21st Century (#3)

Okay please don't take this offendedly because the common cold is well common especially in September. Do you feel like dying inside yes, but it's better than to have something like Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis etc. - htoutlaws2012

8 Roman Reigns - Top Ten Most Popular Pro Wrestlers (#30)

You mean the man that surpassed John Cena by being the most hated babyface of all time is somehow higher than half of the list is completely scrutiny. - htoutlaws2012

9 Barack Obama - Top 10 Worst United States Presidents (#1)

He's more mediocre than anything if you ask me. Then again I didn't care much for him at all. - Swellow

I sincerely hope this list was made before Trump became president, or else humanity has become out of control. - MaxAurelius

10 China - Most Hated Countries (#2)

It deserves to be #2 on that list. - PerfectImpulseX

The list shouldn't even exist in the first place honestly. - Swellow

Okay maybe I don't get it, but more hated than the U.S (no offense), Israel, & all the other middle east countries combined. - htoutlaws2012

The Contenders

11 Paranoid Android - Radiohead - Best Songs of All Time (#25)

Its alright not top 25 worthy to me, but someone is gonna disagree, and you're welcome. - htoutlaws2012

12 Clannad After Story - Top 10 Worst Anime (#5)
13 Naruto - Top 10 Worst Anime (#3)
14 Dimash Kudaibergen - Most Unique Singing Voices (#3)
15 Fortnite - Best Video Games of 2018 (#1)

I don't mind the popularity of a simple free game, but the problem is with this it came in 2017. WHY IS THIS SO HIGH LET ALONE #1? - htoutlaws2012

16 Sword Art Online - Top 10 Worst Anime (#12)
17 Halloween - Worst Horror Movies (#10)
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