Top Ten Best TheTopTens List Makers of 2015

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1 Britgirl

She is one of the best list makers.

2 PositrionWildhawk

As long as you include positive mention of Britgirl and Pos, you can make all the nonsense lists you want to lol

The amount of spelling OVER 9000!

I know Positronwildhawk, but I don't know PostrionWildhawk.

3 TopTensFan

To be honest, he only has four or five lists that are terrible. The rest are kind of average.

His lists are just basic trash. Nothing special or exciting about them.

He has made the best most thawed out lists I have ever seen

Something tells me that TopTensFan and Comparisans are the same person.

4 Comparisans

You know that praising yourself affects your reputation negatively, right?

Comparisans always makes nice lists and is nice to other users.

Comparisans is nice to other users and makes awesome lists.

You know you suck when you have to add yourself to lists

5 Andre56
6 Selfiefan68
7 Superhyperdude

His lists could only ever come out of his deranged mind. They're the most unique I've ever seen.

What can I say about this ginger bugger? Well, he makes funny lists and posts.

He makes great list from his ginger visions... Ginger roots intensifies

8 PetSounds
9 Turkeyasylum
10 TheKirbyCreeper999
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I Told Him To Make An Account, His Real Name Is Zain

12 keycha1n
13 Kiteretsunu
14 Overdose

He only has 1 list

15 Danteem

Let me make this simple, he doesn't stop talking about Luigi.

His obsession with Luigi is quite unhealthy.

First Luigi, now a pornstar. Why have you forsaken us God?!

Danteem...what Dank Luigi Fan

16 BKAllmighty

Oh come on guys. He's the obvious one to add.

He should've been at the top.

17 nintendofan126
18 LizardKing99

She Makes Great Quality Lists And Deserves To Be #1

Maddy has hit the ground running and deserves a high spot here.

I'm surprised and flattered to see myself at 17! Thank you ~

19 Eternal_Laughter
20 Puga

Well, he's a better blogger than a listmaker.

21 BlueDiamondFromNowhere
22 Xandermartin98
23 TopTenPizza

He and his lists are aggressive

24 Therandom
25 gemcloben
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